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I just realized why I can’t think of titles.
Because I write about what could possibly be stretched into like four different posts. There’s just too much to cover in one title.

Will that help me correct the problem?
Probably not.

Lol yay my sister started playing Crisis Core and I’m very excited. Why, I’m not completely sure, but I am getting the feeling of wanting to play CC again so for now I’ll have to live with playing it vicariously through her. It probably won’t happen during the winter holidays since I’ll hopefully be getting Dissidia and 358/2 Days so there will be plenty of games to play. I’ll have to make due with The World Ends With You right now. And I kind of said this before, but OMG JOSHUA! I hate him and his smugness but at the same time I don’t like Neku for being THAT remorseful because for all we know, he even planned this far… (I tried not to say too much but I’m at the beginning of Chapter 3 right now if that helps)

Anyway, so I’ve watched the second ep of Darker than Black Gemini of the Meteor and the first three of Inuyasha – The Final Act so that’s what this’ll be focused on. Random interesting bits here and there too maybe lol. We’ll see πŸ™‚

So in Darker Than Black, we now have an opening, which is great!

All openings must have the back of a badass with their longcoat being blown in the dramatic wind.

But this is a pretty ridiculously long gun.

Grr credits are in the way.

But anyway,things didn’t go quite the way I thought they would. I thought this would have been in a flashback but apparently the hat makes his hair look shorter. And he’s working for the CIA now? And I can’t say I’m a fan of the scruffy Hei. I don’t mind the long hair too much but the ‘just-enough-to-show-it’s-there’ facial hair doesn’t work for me…

This guy’s hair, on the other hand, works.

And what does that make you…?

The episode itself was pretty interesting, although I can’t say I’m liking a lot of the focus on this girl, but I guess that’s how this is going to be. The only really important bits were at the end when Hei and Suou were in the… electric sphere. And what happened to Yin? This will hopefully be explained and hopefully SOON.

I also find it interesting that they show a little tidbit of the episode after the credits, almost to make sure you stay til the end. (even if the preview wasn’t enough or in Naruto or Bleach, the random comical sketches) And it showed Hei’s star disappear? So he’s either dead (highly unlikely) or no longer a contractor and transferred his powers to Suou? Even thought he wasn’t completely one in the first place? I’m still pretty confused about that… That and I don’t completely understand what happened in the first season finale… I even tried watching it again and that didn’t help. I’ll probably watch that series over again, that is, if I ever get the time lol.

I thought this was cute at first until I thought of it as animal cruelty. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Damn you negative thoughts that last longer than positive ones.

Now, some Inuyasha stuff.
Going into this, I just want to say that I have never watched subs of it (since I only watched the show occasionally whenever it came on TV but enough to know what’s going on and then some) so the voices are totally new to me. Not that I don’t like them but it’s just a change from my usual Ocean cast. I’m relieved at least I won’t have to learn any new names, other than maybe pronunciation. And the reminiscent episode name jingle was very reminiscent just made me smile πŸ™‚
I was also hoping for maybe a bit more of a recap from the first series but that didn’t happen. I still understand what is going on but reminders/flashbacks are always nice. I have a feeling they’re pretty pressed for time?


Hmm… what does this remind me of… perhaps, writing someone’s death?

I don’t know why but Inuyasha’s voice in Japanese seems to have the happy anger like Naruto while from what I remember in the dub, it mainly had the anger. But Sesshomaru sounds even more AWESOME in Japanese lol.

I love how beginnings and endings connect so well.

This is not… badass. Only Kyoraku can handle the flowers.

Ooh! A literal red string of fate! Anvilicious.

And the second episode was pretty sad, maybe because a pretty MAIN character was killed off but I just think the whole idea of giving someone what they have been wanting forever just to snatch it away right after (in this case with their death) is just so horrible. And it was such a sad Kagura/Sesshomaru moment… but at least she was happy, if only for a moment. (also, maybe it’s because I haven’t seen the whole show/manga but I definitely don’t remember any hint whatsoever at this pairing. Wtf. Rin ftw! Ooh that rhymes lol.)

“I am the Wind. The Free Wind.”

Kawaii! Who wouldn’t want a cute pet that purrs at your legs and that can also become large enough for three people to sit on and still fly?

And the third ep was basically a power-up for Sesshomaru, with a sword that can create a path to the Underworld. I was hoping (even more so when they showed a flashback of Kaguya!) that he’d somehow revive her, but apparently not. And he obviously cares about her since his emotions are the reason for this power-up. Maybe I’ll go take a look at how the manga handles this… Anyway, looks like the next episode will be Inuyasha’s turn for a power-up. Still, you can’t deny how cool Sesshomaru is.


I realize I didn’t go into much depth with this stuff but I think it’s too early to say too much. I’ll have to wait for that. Plus I just wanted to say my random few (or maybe not) words. πŸ™‚

And now for a random (sorta) picture.

I’m pretty sure one Miroku is more than enough.


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