Darker Than Black – 3

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I’ve been busy busy busy and next week is going to be insane so this is basically going to be something of a picture recap of the episode.

I did see this earlier this week and it reminded me just how awesome the 90s were. Good times. 🙂
And this is kind of old now but I gotta admit, I kind of want this, and it’s even a “unisex perfume” so I could get away with it. Gotta love how much people will milk a franchise for all that it’s worth. And the funny thing is, it works.

First, since I do skip some major episode points, I’m going to do a ‘quick’ summary. After being in the sphere, the energy gets sucked into the meteor core and Suou goes ‘contractor-like’ and saves Hei by pulling him with her into the river. Then after some of Suou’s crybaby moments and realizing Shion’s near the Hell’s Gate in Japan, the government uses Tanya to use Nika to find the two of them and they end up on the run with Mao (YAY!) who is currently possessing Pecha. Hei realizes he can’t use his powers and then Suou, after seeing all her friends get hurt goes into ‘contractor mode’ and the giant gun (though not as giant as in the theme song) comes out of the meteor core and she plans to kill all the contractors. Unfortunately, even with July’s help, she can’t aim (Well we can’t kill off anyone too quickly, can we?). After she hesitates when shooting Tanya, Hei stops her and she faints. Meanwhile, Kirihara gets recruited to Section 35 who plans to destroy the Syndicate.

Why does he look like a mass murderer (even though he kind of is) when he’s being electrocuted?

I feel like this actually happens a lot.

I don’t remember that the eyes usually glow when in ‘contractor mode’.. or is that new to this season…?

This looks so symbolic to be. a mask, a knife, blood… sounds like a generic tragedy.

Those pink eyes… and why is she always naked?

Ah so he’s just a masochist.

… sure it will. (at least not in your case)

the sub says weirdo but she definitely said ‘hentai’. (I guess that’s a nice way of putting it…)


He actually looks better now. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it…

… How exactly did he miss…?

You mean it didn’t start the first time her eyes went blank?

Ooh… the gothic lolita twins who finish each others sentences and prophecise…

Oh the evil eyes…

Ah so that creepishly long gun comes out of the meteor core. And I’m guessing it’s a contractor-killing machine?

Not quite… She has horrible aim, even with the help.

Aww aren’t they a happy family.

Of course, being the street ear, her name means ‘ear’.

Is that a WAIO laptop I spot? Well aren’t they clever.

Hmm! The only improvement that I’m interested in.

Origami? That’s a surprisingly dull remuneration.

I’m also confused because on the one hand I think Suou absorbed Hei’s contractor-ness (but not his particular power) with help from the meteor core and that’s where the weapon came out of so it doesn’t seem to me like she’s actually a contractor… and yet she has to pay a remuneration. So if she didn’t have the meteor core/gun, what is her contractor ability? This is weird. But of course, the main character(s) have to be a special case to the contractor rule. (coughHeicough. I still don’t really know what’s up with him yet I kind of do but it doesn’t make sense to me).

But I guess WTF moments are pretty important plot points, right?

Random Quote: If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as itis – infinite. – William Blake


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