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So apparently I didn’t go out of town last week as I planned but ended up having to work like crazy (or as crazy as it gets for a procrastinator. So more like it got crazy around midnight.) And to add to my limited amounts of time, last Saturday, I ‘decided’ to sleep (on and off) for about 17 hours. And I was still tired. (Sure it could have been from oversleeping but somehow I doubt that.) But I guess that’s what happens right after you write the SATs, which I did that morning. It was long yet short. Three-and-a-half-ish hours of testing in 10 parts, where the last part is 14 questions in 10 minutes. Fun stuff. The only highlights were that the essay was the first testing part (I wanted to get that out of the way as soon as possible) and that, since it’s for my ‘reach’ choice, I won’t bother taking the SATs again. But seriously, who forces you to write in cursive anymore? Sure, it was only for the legal agreement stuff, but who really cares if you write in cursive or not? Because of that, I spent a good minute trying to remember how to write a cursive capital ‘I’. I was not impressed. But thank goodness they didn’t make us write in cursive for the essay. That would have sucked.
The only thing is now, I have to wait another month before the results. Grr.

But enough of my ranting (or so you think… hehehe)
Let’s move on to some other stuff, shall we?

So after Square Enix’s anagram (A Henchmen Inventor Tent Unto = Announcement Nov Thirteenth), it was announced yesterday that the North American and European release date for Final Fantasy XIII will be March 9, 2010. (“Which, when you think about the way the world spins, means Europe gets a Final Fantasy game before the US. Crazy.”) This is pretty impressive since it’s only three months after the Japanese date, which is pretty fast. And apparently, they’re also going to get Leona Lewis to sing the opening theme?
Now this I do not like. Sure, she’s more popular on this side of the world, but why should that mean anything? There’s already a theme sung by Sayuri Sugawara for the Japanese version which is beautiful so why should we get a different song? I wouldn’t care if it was a translation of the same song (in fact, that would be awesome) but a completely different song? And why bother even considering another song, English or not, since language has not been a problem in the past (Suteki Da Ne, anyone?). I don’t see how this would attract a new target audience for the game either because if you’re a fan of the singer, do you really think that will make you any more inclined to buy the game? I’m so confused and annoyed. And having listened to both songs (English and Japanese), I prefer the Japanese one. Also, won’t the Japanese one have other remixes of it in the game since it’s the main theme? That makes it even more obvious that the English song has no real connection to the game and is therefore not qualified to be the main theme.

Also, Leona’s song sounds like ‘Better In Time’ to me. In fact, I sang it while listening to ‘My Hands’ (at least for the chorus, that’s all I know) and it fit eerily well. Just goes to show even more that’s it’s not a Final Fantasy-esque song.

*Sigh* lol k I’ll relax now.
No matter my opinion, I’ll just say that this is… an interesting choice.

Hmm… maybe playing/finishing TWEWY may get my mind off this. I’ll try that.
Wish me luck? I’m going to need it. (In both getting my mind off this and finishing TWEWY)

Random Quote: I get stronger in direct proportion to how strong my opponent is. I don’t get tired… and I can’t be defeated. – Kisame, Naruto chapter 471
hahahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing after reading that. I can’t even explain why.


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