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Haven’t had too much time to do anything other than school-related things recently so there’s not too much to say. I will say that I did manage to ‘finish’ The World Ends With You but seriously there’s a lot of stuff afterwards. I got through most of it but Tin Pin Slammer hates me. Or maybe I just suck. I’ll just push my luck and say both. That aside, it was a really good game. I was so into the story and as angry as Neku when crazy things happened. Sure, some of it was angsty and cheesy (Correction: it was full of angst and cheese) but it was still crazy in its plot-twisting and diverse array of characters. I’d also love to find a game script, but there doesn’t seem to be on on GameFaqs… I’ll guess I’ll have to look elsewhere…

In the mangaverse, there was no Bleach this week which was kind of sad since I’m hoping to see Ichigo get a good power-up soon. Or maybe even another attack. What shounen protagonist only as one attack? Even Naruto has two. Speaking of which, that was one hilariously stupid plot twist. It’s unfortunate that many good series that run for too long degenerate in quality. Unlike Skip Beat which still has me on my toes. I always enter some level of ‘fangirl mode’ after reading one of those chapters. Particularly the last couple ones. OMG. That’s all I can say. And this week’s xxxHolic? So sad… but I still want to know what happened to Himawari but more importantly, where the plot is going now. We have a general goal, but I highly doubt that will be accomplished anytime soon. So will we have to manage with random mini-arcs for now? Only time will tell.

And there’s my random recap for the week. I’d love to promise to write more next week but with our musical coming up soon, I’m pretty swamped. And don’t get me started on university applications or just school in general. And how long should I be expected to wait for SAT results? The website said two weeks but my friend said a month. Hmm…

Random Quote: F this ramen! F… for FABULOUS! – Eiji Oji(Prince), The World Ends With You

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