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December 19, 2009 at 5:25 pm | Posted in Everything Else, Games | Leave a comment
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You know something is wrong when you spend about 70 hours per week at school.

That’s what most of December was for me. (well, not this last past week. That was my week to catch up on all my projects due all throughout December.)

But the school musical is over now! It was so awesome (it was Grease) with no major screw-ups so that was even better. But it’s sad that it’s over now, my last musical in high school…
(needed to avoid writing HSM voluntarily…)

So obviously, not only have I not had the time to write anything, I’ve also not had time to find much to write about.

But here’s some random cool stuff news-wise: Square Enix is taking beta applications for FFXIV. What’s funny about this is that they tell you in the agreement thing that you can’t tell anyone anything about the beta testing, or even that you are a beta tester. So my sister told me she was going to apply and then told me this and you see the paradox coming because when she agrees to it, she’ll stop talking to me about it, but then by not talking anymore, she has told me she has become a beta tester. I just thought that was funny. Also FFVIII is now available at the PSN Store which is cool. Every slight development brings us closer to a possible FFVII remake lol. And I’ve followed these guys before but the Speed Gamers are having a Pokémon marathon this weekend and are trying to catch all 493 Pokémon in the span of 72 hours while also raising money for charity. I would have thought this impossible until I realized they were doing (some parts at least) from FireRed and LeafGreen at the same time. I can’t say it’s cheating but it is slightly misleading. Still, very cool and raises money for charity which always makes things even better 🙂

Also, realizing I’m not completely done TWEWY yet but that my sisters would be coming back and may want to play it, I also came to the realization there is only one save file. Why? Sure you can’t really get stuck due to New Game + but I feel like it should be common knowledge that all RPGs have more than one save file (disregarding DQIX). Even Golden Sun (both I’m pretty sure) had 3 save files! Man those were awesome games… but I can’t replay either of them anytime soon due to all the other ones I need to play.

I’ll post more after Christmas. (Hopefully about the games I might be getting? Yes? lol)

Random Quote:
Un bon mot ne prouve rien.
(A witty saying proves nothing.)


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