♪♫ Where did my baby go…♫♪

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♪♫ I wish that she would get back soon (get back soon)♫♪

Yes, John Legend is awesome.

While I don’t think I’m a baby anymore (I did have my birthday last week…) I was… somewhere. I was at home but in total relax mode and didn’t do much. I didn’t even watch too many shows. Not even finishing catching up on Glee. (Mind you I was only 2 episodes in… but I still only ended up watching another 2 episodes near the end of my break). This was also when my older sister showed me this group, NLT, one of whose members is in Glee. (Can you guess who?) Anyway, I’m kind of in love with this song right now.

There’s a really smooth arm-through move at 2:50. Looks so cool.

Oh boy bands. ♥

Figured out who it is?

It’s Artie! Yeah the no-glasses made it a bit harder to realize. But he did have a pretty big part in this song so apparently looking at him enough triggered my memory. It’s too bad Glee won’t ever really be able to showcase his dancing, but at least he can sing lol.

So I obviously didn’t catch up on anything else, so what did I do? Well, I ‘finished’ TWEWY (if you can call it finished. Let’s just say I got all the secret reports but I don’t have every item or pin. I do have an A in every rank except ESP points. And I never got around to doing a Final Time Attack since I’m pretty sure it only counts if you do it on hard or above and I still don’t think I was quite good enough to fight through the whole chain with only 4 or 5 heals. That’s my main thing.) And surprisingly, for Christmas an my birthday, I got 2/5 games which was very cool (Pirates of the Caribbean, Rockband Unplugged and Dissidia for PSP and Zelda:Spirit Tracks and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for DS and since my middle sister still has my PSP, I still have her DS).

And of course, I started playing them. I started with 358/2 Days but then realized I should have started with a PSP game since I wouldn’t be able to play those ones for long since my sister left so I started Dissidia which was really cool. Voiced cutscenes, however cheesy, were really cool. I started with Cloud’s storyline and didn’t get too far (Sephiroth pwned me. It was insane.) but I liked the gameplay and the added ‘gameboard’ that reminds me of FF Tactics. I guess that’s a pretty easy way to add some diversity to a fighting game. And as usual, Cloud was being emo but even more so in the cutscenes I saw versus FFVII or KH. I’m just glad he was not one of the people who looked like they were looking for their crystal alone because he would have just gotten worse.

But anyway, after Sephiroth killed me a few times, I eventually switched to 358/2 Days. (Why didn’t I start playing another PSP game? Good question…) So I don’t think this is much of a spoiler since the game’s been out for a while and you learn this like 10 minutes into the game but we meet this girl Xion and I want to hear the characters say her name! I already know from some stuff online that it’s supposed to be something like ‘Shion’ (so that would be ‘SHE-ohn’) but there haven’t been that many cutscenes. I’m kind of surprised Dissidia had a lot more voiced cutscenes in the 2-3 hours I played compared to the good 15 hours of 358/2 Days I’ve played with 1, maybe 2 voiced scenes. (I don’t consider random laughing after some lines as ‘voiced’, do you?). That said, I did enjoy the connections to Chain of Memories and the organization members leaving and stuff. But I feel that it’s a little weird and awkward since both Roxas and Shion lack… I don’t even know how to explain it but like the understanding of what a friend is and what it means to be human. I can’t say I understand myself why they would want to be human but I guess you don’t know what you got till it’s gone, right?

So now I realize what I did with all my time. I spent it on video games 🙂 But it didn’t seem like much to me. Time really does fly when you’re having fun lol. So I did get Spirit Tracks as well but I hadn’t played Phantom Hourglass yet so I’m playing that first and it’s pretty fun. I like how it’s easier in some ways on the DS since you don’t have to deal with the first-person view and the maps are awesome. So helpful. But it’s kind of weird how boss keys and in at least one case other items must actually be carried in your hands. As one faqwriter, Dark_Link_13 puts it, “your Pocket into the Next Dimension won’t hold them”. (He also calls it “Pocket of Infinite Depth” and “Infinite Pocket of Mysteries”. Sounds so epic!) Still a very cool game and concept, but right now, I can’t tell how long this is going to be. Without being too spoilerish (although I feel like the ‘statute of limitations’ on this game has already been passed), I can see we need three spirits (I already have two) and we seem to have much to explore in the Ocean King temple (as the faq I follow titles it: Temple of the Ocean King III, Revenge of the Phantoms) but I can’t see how much more there is to it. Apparently, once we’re done this, we should have everything we need to get to the Ghost Ship… so maybe I’m just assuming this should be a longer game but it isn’t? Or maybe the sidequests take up more of the playtime? That’s a possibility I guess…anyway, I’ll find out soon enough.

So yeah… didn’t watch too many shows but did end up playing a bit of a bunch of games. Yay?

Random Quote:
Two from Genie;
– I mean, why so glum? Feeling a little blue? Believe me, I can relate.
– And once I get something on my mind, I can’t knock it out – tried everything: dynamite, sledgehammers, tweezers…
– KH: 358/2 Days


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