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Exams are over.

I had a pretty weird schedule. A bunch at the very beginning then a 3-day break before my last exam on the last day of exams. I guess it could have been a lot worse, but hey. I would have rather had that break after finishing my exams. And those 3 days were pretty useless because all I really did was sleep. So as to avoid that voice in my head that would be nagging “You could be using this time to study!” if I was doing something… less productive.

Anyway, somehow in all of this, I found a new song to get stuck in my head. It’s Abracadabra by the Brown Eyed Girls. I happened to stumble upon them after looking at some Wonder Girls stuff (apparently they’re touring with Justin Bieber now which is… interesting to say the least.) But anyway, another k-pop song for your entertainment. I prefer the dance-only version of the video because the dance is much cooler than the semi-random guy sleeping around. Still, it is pretty suggestive so if you’re under… 12, you may want to just listen to it.

As catchy and sultry as the song is, it seems a little weird to me with lyrics about a boyfriend having an affair, but whatever.
Total sexiness. lol.

In other news, I finished Phantom Hourglass. So possible spoilers below? (Yes I know. This should have happened years ago but then I only did “get” a DS last summer.) It had some really cool puzzles not only because it’s a Zelda game but because of all the cool things you could do with the stylus. Like guiding the Bombchus and the Boomerang. And once I got it, I was in LOVE with the hammer. It was so much fun :). However, I was surprised there was no mandatory point of making the hammer ‘bigger’ (powered-up) so I felt like that went unused. And tightroping and slinging? I’ve played/watched people play numerous other Zelda games but that was definitely new to me and very cool. And the way they wrapped it up was really weird but when I think about it, it makes sense, since otherwise, why would we not have recognized the same islands from wind Waker, so it was an interesting way to explain why they started fresh in a new game in a new yet not new world. But I thought it was pretty cool that they even thought about clearing that up at the end of the game. They covered up the biggest plothole there which was great. And I guess that also means that Link, Tetra, and Linebeck were from the WW world? (I guess he made his way onto the Ghost Ship looking for treasure…) So… will we see Linebeck in Spirit Tracks? I guess I’ll have to play that next and see!

And speaking of Zelda, don’t these look so pretty? Definitely dreamy.

And so the underwhelming iPad was revealed. (Or the iTampon. lol). It really was just a big iPod Touch. Not even an iPhone. (Although would you really want to hold up that huge thing to your ear?) Speaking of huge, I thought the black border was thicker than it needed to be but then I guess that’s how you can hold it without affecting the touch screen. However, after seeing some videos of its use, people were holding it with one hand underneath it anyway (as scary as that was. I wouldn’t trust myself to hold it like that.) so it seems pretty useless. Could have used that space for a USB port or a camera. Actually, I’ll just let this speak for itself.

But seriously. This had so much potential. We were hoping for something better than a netbook. But it did not live up to any of our expectations. (Godwin’s Law at its finest. lol) And this one line from kotaku says it all:

And so the question can now be asked of Apple: If your consumers still need a computer and a phone, needs which you already can fill, what room in their wallet, their bag and their life is there for a semi-portable, semi-desk-ready tablet computer? For gaming or otherwise?

Well, enough of my ranting for one week. Or two.

Random Quote: Reality continues to ruin my life. – Bill Watterson


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