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And so the 2010 Vancouver Olympics have begun. Did you watch the opening ceremony? See all the amazing singers? The water-spewing whales? I thought that was really cool. And, malfunctions aside, I liked the torch and the idea of having four people light it. It had a very united feeling to it, which is what the Games and Canada are all about. It made me feel quite patriotic lol.

So yeah! I’m going to try to watch as much of the games as possible but we’ll see how much that ends up being. I’m definitely going to be looking forward to the skating, both figure and speed, so we’ll see how that goes!

On another note, I had a couple Jason Mraz songs stuck in my head but this one has stuck the longest. It’s Butterfly and this live acoustic version with Cheryl beatboxing is fabulous and quite sexy.

You’ll also notices he changes some of the words from the album version to give it a different feel which is interesting. (Am I the best part of your life or do you have everything BUT me?)
And the two other songs which are also both awesome are Only Human and Dynamo of Volition. Both equally worth checking out. I may end up posting their videos in upcoming posts because they’re so good. 🙂

Anyway, I tried out Google Buzz this week and it’s… weird. Extra creepy? I’m sure it would be very cool if my friends used gmail/gtalk as much as they use facebook, but seeing all these convos of my sisters’ groups of friends makes me feel like such a creeper. Sure, I could probably easily find all these conversations (or similar ones at least) by doing some easy searching on any social network but the fact that it’s all together right in front of me makes me feel like I’m eavesdropping. (Is it obvious I don’t use FriendFeed?) Once again, I’m sure I wouldn’t care as much if it was my friends but because my sisters are not of my generation… it’s just awkward. Which also makes it even less likely for me to reply to anything because it will then make it obvious I was reading something which has (almost) absolutely no connection to me. It’s weird. At least for me. That aside, it’s an awesome idea that I would totally use if enough of my friends did to make it worth it. But as that is not the case right now, it has not been added to things I check on a daily basis.

It’s been pretty crazy (yup it still is) with university marks coming in last week and supplements for applications due in the next few weeks so I haven’t done too much. What I have done was was catch up on Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Lost. There’s always drama going on, particularly in the first two shows but I like how Bailey’s getting more attention romantically. I was totally giggling along with Callie and Arizona :). And I’m glad the Yang/Owen/Teddy triangle kinda got cleared up by the end of the last ep (well… not really but there was improvement) but I am really sick of them. And does anyone like Teddy? (Maybe Yang, but that doesn’t really count) And PP… well it’s all over the place. I want Addison and Sam to get together but I do understand her position. However, I don’t think that sleeping with Pete helped. But well, they’re all dysfunctional and incestuous so what can you do.

And Lost… Well, it’s Lost. We were already introduced to time travel but now we’re also seeing alternate realities? The two ideas separate are very cool but together… to me it’s just too much. And as many trekkies have noted, it’s like the last Star Trek movie. And this brings me to a question: Juliet said it ‘worked’ (the bomb changing the timeline), and we see that it works in an alternate timeline, which going with one way of thinking, makes sense because altering the past simply creates a new timeline as opposed to changing the one you are from. This avoids time loops and paradoxes. However, assuming there are millions of alternate realities, won’t it have always worked in another reality so the bomb didn’t actually do anything that wouldn’t have already happened in another reality? Or maybe this is the reality that created all those other realities where the plane never crashed… lol who knows. But other than that, I found the first two episodes of the season kind of slow? Maybe because we’ve spent a lot of time on the plane-did-not-crash-reality and we don’t really know yet why we’re seeing this but it must be connected somehow and we just don’t know yet. Anyway, so many questions and theories… few of which will be answered and even fewer of which will be answered ‘soon’.

lol wow that was a fairly long rant. I’ll try to avoid that… but probably won’t have much success.

Anyway, hope you guys are watching the Games! Go Canada!

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Random Quote: You’ve nabbed yourself a sexy gamer. This means you have partnered yourself up with an elite species of human being who can save entire planets from evil lords using only a shotgun, while surviving for weeks on nothing but Fritos and Top Ramen. For them, no ordinary gift of flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, or those reeking aroma-therapy candles will suffice on this sacred day o’ love.
– Lisa Foiles, Will You Be My Player 2? [Valentine’s Gift Guide]

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