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2-0 Canada vs. US in the second period! WOO!

Yesterday was a great day for Canadian athletes! (particularly the men!) Three golds in one day! I unfortunately missed the men’s snowboard parallel giant slalom and the speed skating men’s team pursuit but I was able to watch the men’s curling and that was a great game. Go Canada!

Last Friday was my mom’s birthday so my sister in California sent her some ‘flower’s from Edible Arrangements!
I’d say this one is my best picture. (Sadly, I took a bunch of pictures but was unsatisfied with the results)

Beautiful and yummy.

And what’s even cooler this time was that there were white chocolate-covered strawberries too! Apparently this was a new addition (or something only available to some of their products) so it was a delightful surprise. The dark chocolate ones were yummy too but I have a sweet spot for white chocolate (pun intended).

And, I guess as usual by now, I have a new song that is maybe not quite willingly but pleasingly stuck in my head and first it was Reason by Fonogenico (which would also make sense since it’s the ending theme to xxxHolic which I just finished) but that changed the moment I heard another one of their songs: Rhythm.

Lyrics and mp3 link can be found in the video’s description. Having never heard the band before hearing the softer ballad-like Reason, this was not the type of song I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised. I love the jazziness and it’s just so catchy and has a really lovely melody. I don’t think the quality of the Youtube video does it justice so I really suggest hearing/downloading the mp3 version. And then when she starts scatting near the end, it just blew my mind. Awesome.

So I finished XxxHolic earlier this week and while it was pretty awesome to see it in anime form, I just couldn’t get over how much of it was just a bunch of fillers. I was kind of annoyed. Actually, very annoyed. But I will forgive them because at that point, I don’t think the manga had gotten very far so they didn’t have much to work with. That said, the fillers were quite good and flowed seamlessly with the rest of the story. Had I not read the manga, I would have thought it was all canon. So good job, writers!

Still, I was glad to suddenly realize there was a sequel (although short – 13 episodes) so I’m starting to watch that now. However, since it is short and is still nowhere near where the manga is now, I’m sure I will still be disappointed but at least it’s more and doesn’t end with that sad filler. Plus I hear there are some random OVAs coming? I have to look into that some more.

Anyway, ending with more of the Olympic spirit (yes I’m quite patriotic. I’d like to think I might have been able to go this Olympics had I kept up with competitive figure skating so this is me living vicariously through Canada’s athletes, some of whom I skated with growing up.), the Red Mitten Flash Mob was recently trending in Canada on Twitter. It’s a cute song and dance.

It also made me really want some red mittens and made me very frustrated since I can’t find them anywhere where I live anymore.

Anyway, I’m going to continue watching xxxHolic: Kei and will hopefully be done soon? Also, one more week of school before March Break and I’ll be visiting my sisters in California! We plan to play FFXIII when it comes out. 🙂

Random Quote: This, I believe, has greater impact as a video.

– xxxHolic, episode 18.
*gasp* It’s the dub! But I actually didn’t mind the dubbed version of this show. I don’t think it compares overall with the original one (especially since they took out some cultural things that I guess would only make more sense in Japanese) but I do think Colleen Clinkenbeard and Todd Haberkorn do an amazing job. And since they play the main two characters, it made choosing which version to watch the anime in quite difficult. So I ended up going back and forth between the sub and dub and I happened to see this one dubbed. 🙂


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