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Aren’t breaks awesome? Spring break has started for me (after a crazy term. I really need a break right now) so I’m off to California next week! My sister just got a PS3 and I’ll be coming just in time for the release of Final Fantasy XIII so you can guess what we’ll be doing for the next week or so. (This may or may not affect my posting something here… we’ll see.)

But before that, I have to pack, and this is one of the songs on constant replay during my packing. I mentioned it in a previous post but it’s so amazing that it deserves its own feature. Here’s Dynamo of Volition by Jason Mraz.

Did you catch the Nintendo reference? lol

I’ll admit I’m trying to memorize this and I’ve got the first half down. Time well wasted? I think so.

Speaking of FFXIII, I decided to take a peak at the website (OMG that video with Leona Lewis SUCKS! Is that really supposed to attract someone to play this game? Had I known nothing about the series and only vaguely liked RPGs, that ‘trailer’ would have totally turned me off from buying this game. FAIL.) and I was looking through the characters section when I found this glitch: If you go to Sazh’s page and then to someone else’s, his image stays behind. (Only worked once for me though). Here are some examples.

Is that Fang sitting on his lap? Scandalous.

Now this just makes this guy look like such a creeper. I feel kind of bad.

I wasn’t able to replicate the glitch but either way, it’s still pretty weird.

(I’ll try to avoid being overtly spoiler-ish but this is from the latest chapter so it should be expected.)

Kyoko’s new character is friggin AWESOME! I thought Natsu was cool but Setsu is beyond cool. And I don’t even like punk.
I’m so excited to see how this plays out. But at the same time, with them ‘being’ siblings… it’s slightly disappointing. This eliminates sexual tension! (although it will still be there but much more hidden and less overt. And that will be of no help to Kyoko who has yet to realize her feelings. She needs people to spell things out for her. NUMEROUS times.) But either way, this will definitely make things interesting. We’ll see how Ren reacts to this (I love how he already got defensive lol).

And of course I’m not done packing yet. I do still have another day though… but I really should do it now… Hmm…

Random Quote Video:

One of the best “Oh crap” moments. Hilariously played. (From Bleach)


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