We tried.

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We really did. And I daresay we were close. Close but no cigar.

Last week I went to California to visit my sister and relax during my March Break but really, when it came down to it, I went so we could play Final Fantasy XIII together. I arrived the day it was released and my sister pre-ordered it so we were all set. But apparently a little over a week (and our sleeping habits) just didn’t cut it. We knew this would be a long game, as it was proclaimed the longest in the Final Fantasy series, and at first we had no expectations of finishing it, but then the end was starting to come into sight, and that was when we began to delude ourselves into thinking we could actually pull this off. We had fairly easily gotten ourselves through the first 10 chapters of the game and with only 3 left, we thought we could do the rest in the last 2 days of my stay. What we didn’t consider was the sheer length of chapter 11 as well as the expected time to be spent there grinding a fair amount. With about five different areas of basically travelling through various expanses, we assumed we could grind a bit at the first place and then skip our way through, still getting most of the treasures. This worked until the fifth area, where we began to get our asses kicked. Quite hard. We were still able to survive battles but at almost double the target time, and that’s when we knew this was not going to work out anymore.

So we gave up and spent the last few hours I was in Cali playing Rock Band. With GLaDOS. (Oh if only this was a triumph…)
But at least we tried?

Now I’m just annoyed that one, we won’t be able to finish the game until the next time I’m in Cali, which is this summer. However, this does give my sister time to level and do the mission sidequests on her own time so we will definitely be able to finish it this summer. And two, we went from thinking “There is no way we can do this” to “OMG we can do this!” and back to “There is no way we can do this”. The fact that we were so close (we think) that we could taste it and then it was snatched away from us is what makes this unaccomplishment that much worse. It’s like those athletes who are milliseconds away from a gold medal. No, we weren’t that close, but it felt like we were.


But I might as well mention some things about the game I liked/disliked now. It makes me feel a little better? (There be spoilers. And since it’s more or less ranting, it will be long)

First of all, it looks FRICKING AWESOME. I can’t even tell you how cool it is. Both my sister and I found it difficult to tell if the cutscene was an FMV or just a regular cutscene. It was that good. And usually we can tell by the hair (hair usually looks a LOT better in FMVs) but the hair was so detailed and amazing in normal gameplay that it kept tricking us! Not that I’m complaining. The one thing we did notice was in Lake Bresha, there were some issues with anti-aliasing? I’m not sure exactly how to use the term but the point is that some of the icicles and stuff looked too sharp and lost it’s realism. Other than that, it looks fabulous.

Character-wise, I was disappointed by the lack of badass characters? Not so much that there aren’t any but that there could have been more. Lightning is fine and definitely badass, but Snow looks the part but doesn’t act it. Fang embodies the very essence of badass but the fact that almost everything is her fault brings her down a few levels in badass. Sazh could be badass were it not for the baby chocobo living in his fro. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the little thing, but it’s not quite badass. And Hope and Vanille are just not badass. That should be self-explanatory.

I thought the gameplay was fun and quite good. They simplified things by eliminating MP (there is TP but for few things) and many offensive items meaning you rely more on their jobs/roles and have to effectively use paradigm shifting. The only annoying part was not being able to change your party leader in battle, since you can’t have that person die. Also, if you don’t like controlling that person in those jobs (like being the Medic can be annoying) then you have to switch your paradigms or your party leader. That said, you can’t change your party leader until chapter 11. In that way, I can see the linearity people are talking about. You don’t have much control over what you do until chapter 11, and for many people, that’s too late.

Aside from that, there were a number of similarities to FFVII and FFX… take a look.

The Hanging Edge = Midgar
Lake Bresha = Lake Macalania
The Vile Peaks = Mushroom Rock Road
Snow = Seifer (looks only)
Bodhum = Zanarkand
FFXIII logo = FFVII logo
Palumpolum = Junon
Cocoon’s holographic signs = Spira’s holographic signs
Nautilus = Golden Saucer
Archylte Steppe = Calm Lands

They are all basically upgrades of their past-game equivalents. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. There are so many places so there’s bound to be some overlapping, but these stood out to me quite a bit. What really annoys me is that the plot isn’t that long but because we keep switching back and forth between characters and going through events that all occur simultaneously, it basically triples the plot time. That and then going through five mainly filler areas to get to the next important place in chapter 11? A bit much. But I’m obviously bitter since I didn’t finish it. Hopefully my time away from the game until July will make me appreciate it more when we do finish it. Hopefully.

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for now.

Random Quote: Heroes don’t need plans. – Snow (numerous times), Final Fantasy XIII


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  1. FFXIII sheep: waaaahhhh!!

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