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I thought I basically understood before, but after finishing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, I really understand the meaning of the title now. And I would hope so, otherwise that would really suck.

This game was quite good. In many respects reminded me of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and I would even go as far as saying that 358/2 Days is the Crisis Core of the Kingdom Hearts universe. And this is by no means a bad thing. In fact, it worked quite well, but more so with Crisis Core. 358/2 Days had CC’s main flaw and a few others.

But before I go any further, I just want to say a couple words (literally) about the recent manga chapter in Bleach: YES ISSHIN.

That is all.

So one of the main problems I had with this, as with Crisis Core, was the number of missions. It was not quite as many as CC (that was fairly insane and I still can’t believe I did them all. Then again, it’s fairly easy to become ridiculously overpowered in that game, not that that’s a bad thing hehe) but the number of missions to amount of plot ratio is still quite high. And some of the missions (at least the challenges needed for the secret reports) were hard. Even with the option of doing them post-game does not change the fact that grinding/getting items/strategy perfection was necessary. So I will admit that I did not have a “perfect” game, since I gave up on many(*ahem* most) of the challenges. Still, the missions in this game were much less repetitive compared to Crisis Core, so that was nice.

I guess one issue that is unavoidable is the convoluted complexity of the storyline. There were things here and there that I didn’t understand, but some of which I could see being explained in Birth By Sleep (VENTUS) and others that may just require a refresher of little events in Chain of Memories and KH2. I’ll also admit I was somewhat spoiled beforehand Roxas and Xion’s connection but I still had a couple “OMG” moments so that was fine. At the same time, since I knew the beginning and the ending already, it made finishing the game feel quite anticlimactic. After playing CC and seeing it say “Continued in Final Fantasy VII”, it made things feel actually complete now. But with this, seeing the cutscenes that are from the beginning of KH2… it still didn’t feel complete. I think it was because there’s still so much we don’t know. I didn’t feel like I learned much plotwise. But that could also be because of so many missions in between important plot points.

SPOILERS BELOW(skip to the picture to avoid them)
And lastly, some of the dialogue was awkward and weird. I understand that both Roxas and Xion were basically shells at the start of the game, and they didn’t stay that way long so it got better. Still, there were some really awkward lines. Or not even awkward, but it made me think, “Why would you say that at a time like this?!?!” Particularly in Roxas’s last moments with Xion. You’d think he’d say something along the lines with “What will I do without you?” but instead he says, “Who will I eat ice cream with?” ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME? Way to ruin the moment. It was so sad, and she was turning into sparkly ice shards and fading away, and that is all you have to say? I just hope she was already unconscious by that time so those weren’t the last words she would ever hear. That’s just too sad to even think about.
(I wonder what he said in Japanese…)

Aside from that, it was a good game that tied in quite well with the rest of the series. The series is also amazing with names and their meanings. Like Xion: her name contains the Japanese word for tide (going with the water-related names of Kairi, NaminĂ©, Aqua) and also the flower aster tataricus, which means “remembrance” (do I need to explain memories are important?). At the same time, the ‘X’ was added to her original designation, “No.i”, where i is an imaginary number (or “non-existant”). Now how does that all fit so perfectly? Seriously.

It was a good game, but due to the amount of plot, dialogue and mystery, it’s not perfect. It’s still good enough for an 8.5/10.

Next it Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I miss my stylus…
and this game better have a hammer.

Random Quote: Kiddo, the only thing you’ll ever save me from is boredom. – Xigbar to Roxas, 358/2 Days

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