Kaichou wa Maid-sama Ep 1 – blah

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April Fools! (If only…)

Before I begin my rant, did you have an interesting April Fools Day? There were some interesting pranks on various websites, like Gamefaq‘s usual hidden poll answer (… it’s getting old). I liked WoW’s matchmaking service. It has a pretty funny intro video and a couple funny options such as “I am a lonely wizard looking for a mighty ally between level 90 and level 99.” Unfortunately, the joke stops there. It says it keeps loading stuff but it loops (yes I checked lol). Still, it lives up to WoW’s reputation for great April Fools pranks. (They’re one of the few that I actually remember years later.)

Two others that I liked were Koticku and Japanator going Americanator. It was quite an elaborate prank with many posts relating to the cause and it was very cool. Some of the articles were meh but combine them all and they are quite awesome and funny, especially the recommendation for Jersey Shore and an X-Men/Twilight crossover. I lol’d quite a bit at the crossover.

There were quite a few game-related ones (and I’m sure that’s not even an extensive list) that I was pretty surprised. Maybe I usually don’t see all this because I’m quite gullible so I choose to avoid all news on that day? Hmm.

Anyway, get ready for some fairly major ranting.

First off, I want to say I have read the manga and quite enjoyed it so I’m already biased that way. Secondly, knowing my bias, I have significantly lowered my expectations for the anime adaptation since few shows rival/equal their manga counterparts. Thirdly, this is only the first episode so this is not a good enough representation of the entire show to make any clear criticisms.


I just wasn’t feeling it.
And I don’t know why.

Okay, I kind of do.
Sort of.

One thing I was quite happy about was that it was very faithful to the manga, in fact I think the only things they changed were additions (perhaps to make the first chapter fit 20 minutes). However, I think here is where I found my first problem. It seemed kind of slow and (gasp!) boring. I felt like quite a bit of the episode was spent on showing how poor Misaki is and pitying her when really, the mood should be about Misaki kicking ass while either becoming more angry or confused by Usui, which is where the fun comes. And I didn’t get much of that, which was very unfortunate.

Aside from that, I had other issues. To start off, the green uniforms. Not like forest green though (that would have been too normal). Lime green.

Lime green.

Thank god Usui chooses not to wear it (so far at least). But seriously. Eww! And those pants! Colours may be used excessively in anime and most of the time I’m fine with it but a lime green blazer and yellow plaid pants? Please tell me this is a self-explanatory issue.

Misaki does not approve.

Also, I didn’t think the animation was that great. Not even for the ‘shoujo’ moments. There were some that were okay but many that felt pretty out of place. Like this one.

What are these random lines? Is this supposed to be pretty? Where is the sparkle?

Why do Misaki and Usui look normal yet the background looks like crap?

Bubbles? Not even sparkly bubbles?

Okay, this one I will give them the benefit of the doubt because Misaki doesn’t see Usui romantically yet so it would make sense that there are sparkles. But it’s still a shoujo moment so they could have pushed the boundaries a bit more! Like this is a better use of bubbles:


Then again, this is from Usui’s point of view and he is starting to see her romantically… Alright fine I will stop now. But I still defend my position against the first two pictures! What was up with them?

And lastly, the voices. They’re not amazing, but they’re not absolutely horrible either so I think I can grow to like them. I hope.

Anyway, this is only the first episode and because I know the manga and like it so much, I will keep watching the anime. We’ll see how this goes.

They’re staring each other down! The trainer hasn’t issued an order! What’s the matter, trainer?

Meh, that works as my random quote. 🙂


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