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So here’s three shows in one post! I don’t feel like too much happened in any of them so it felt better to put them all in one post. Perhaps surprisingly, they were all quite enjoyable.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Episode 3

So forward! (And yet polite…)

If it were anyone else, I’d react like Misaki.

This show is going well and is very entertaining. It does not correspond with the third chapter of the manga but I do remember the “little-sister day” from somewhere in the manga… or does it fit in so well that I just assumed so? I don’t really remember. Either way, it was definitely better than that horrible first episode. I still think the backgrounds are pretty meh but they’re less noticeable now (or I’ve gotten used to it) and overall it still looks good. I like how Misaki is not only oblivious to Usui’s advances but is so confused by his actions that she goes on the aggressive/defensive (that seems like quite the oxymoron when I type that out, but it works). I also love how Misaki is the natural cool character and it’s so natural that she doesn’t even realize it. With Aoi coming next episode, I definitely won’t love it but it’s still possible that I won’t hate it. I won’t say too much to spoil anything but Aoi is definitely weird. For various reasons which will be made obvious next episode. Let’s leave it at that.

Here’s a lovely gif of her white maid-ranger costume.


Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Episode 1

OMG it’s sooooo pretty. Even with the zombies. (Hmm. Never thought I would say that.) I’ve read the manga and I’m still unsure how far they will deviate from the manga (since it’s quite short – one volume) but right now it looks like they just started like a prequel to the manga, since Chizuru has just met the Shinsengumi (and also does not already know what’s going on…). Actually I just realized it’s originally an otome game so I’m not sure if there’s one ‘right’ storyline. And from the opening theme song, there seems to be a group of antagonists, none of which I recognize from the manga, so there’ll be some new stuff and it’s all very interesting. The added gender-bender was new to me but made sense given the situation, although the theme is kind of avoided since they all know she’s a girl already. I also feel like the anime will take a darker view of the situation (it’s still the same idea but maybe the music and the animation made it seem a lot darker to me than when reading the manga?). But anyway, I really liked the random banter between the guys (*ahem* bishies. This IS a reverse harem). It was a nice contrast to the dark setting, almost like comic relief. Awesome voices here, with Houko Kuwashima, Shinichiro Miki, Kousuke Toriumi, Kouji Yusa and others. Definitely a show to look out for.

Senko no Night Raid
Episode 1

I don’t speak any Mandarin but even I could tell that it didn’t sound right and it was fairly slow. The guy he was trying to talk to spoke better/faster, probably because he’s not a main character so they just needed someone who spoke Mandarin. He couldn’t play the violin that well either. Other than that, they had interesting abilities. Natsume has byakugan-like eyes that can see really far, Yukina is telepathic and can borrow others abilities through touch, Aoi manipulates time/space (I think? I’m not exactly sure what his ability is but he can dodge things and be invisible at times), and Kazura can teleport. Even with these cool abilities, I thought the time limit was quite stupid. It does make them conserve their usage and not abuse their abilities but it doesn’t seem like Yukina or Natsume have that constraint. So why do only half of them (and the half that would use their abilities in battle) have this restriction? Will they eventually get boosted?

Anyway, I would also like to see stuff about how they got their abilities and their pasts so I hope they don’t spend all their time on the espionage, as cool as that is. And I also know next to nothing about this time period so it looks quite interesting. Will they go as far as getting into WWII? Definitely an intriguing plot though. So far, my only complaint was NO OPENING THEME SONG. For a first episode, that was quite disappointing. Pretty boring ending too.

Random Quote: It takes too much energy to be against something unless it’s really important. – Madeleine L’Engle


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