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My IB exams are over (the only IB course I took was standard level math) so while my heart goes out to those with at least 10 IB papers to write, I’m annoyed that I still have another 7 weeks of school. The only benefit to being full-IB is getting out of school by the end of May and right now, I kind of wish I chose that route. But only kind of. (Because the IB sucks.)

And seriously. Who FORCES you to write a math exam in pen?
I understand it’s to better see the writing after scanning the papers but we know for a fact ours weren’t getting scanned this year. So why?

Anyway, I think I’m gonna continue my recent method of posting several show reviews in one post since I like it and it keeps me slightly more on track than usual. However, since I’m covering 4-5 shows, it still may be better to split this into two posts, so here’s Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Hakuouki.
But before then, I’ve also been trying to get caught up on Fringe (particularly because of the musical episode that came out a week or 2 ago) so of course, a song caught my eye.

It’s called Freezing by MoZella. I think it’s a really cool song because it has dark-sounding verses but quite a bright and happy chorus. Plus her sexy, raspy voice is quite awesome. I was looking at some of her other songs and I like her vibe: it’s the kind of music that you’d hear at a hip clothing store or on various commercials (maybe because they have been on various commercials? lol). It’s mellow and yet has a good beat. An awesome find. Also great acoustically.

On to the shows!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama
(Watched up to episode 6)

Since I’m covering 3 episodes, more pictures were needed 🙂
Aoi was introduced in the fourth episode and he was fairly annoying but thank goodness the reveal was made within the episode. If they stretched it out then I would have been really annoyed. That aside, it gave rise to many good teasing opportunities for Usui which are always amusing. He also has these random moments where he makes these weird awkward sound effects (I think it sounds like ‘geeeeee’) and surprisingly, I find these moments hilarious. I think it’s because I know he’s just doing it to tease Misaki who has no idea why he’s doing these random things so it’s funny. The next episode was great in that Usui was so overprotective with a stalker in the area, only to find that his ‘damsel in distress’ didn’t need any help. (But seriously, who can break metal handcuffs with strength alone? Crazy awesome Misaki.) It was so funny that the stalkers thought she was their ideal maid, which was kind of true, but not how they originally planned for it to be. Oh the irony. And of course, the sixth episode was great with their first kiss! My only disappointment was Usui’s disheveled look was not up to par with how he looked in the manga, but I’ll get over that. I’m just glad things are moving along quite well and I’m excited for the rival school to come into the picture in the next ep. I’m really enjoying this series.

(Watched up to episode 5)

This was also another bunch of episodes so more screens!
As I’ve said before, this show is really pretty. And until the fifth episode, that was really all it had going for it. Now we finally get into the more important parts of the story which I’m a little worried about because we’re just about halfway through the show. Either the pace is going to get ridiculously fast soon or there’s just not that much plot they need to go through. Either way, Chizuru is starting to really get on my nerves. I understand it’s not her fault she’s so innocent and that she needs to be harmless so that the Shinsengumi can let down their guard around her, but maybe it’s too much? Or maybe I’ve been watching shows with stronger female leads that reverting to a ‘damsel in distress’ personality is too much for me to handle. I’m just glad no one has had to sacrifice themselves to save her yet, but I can totally see it coming. In fact, we kind of already saw it with Okita at Ikedaya. (The sad thing is, she’d probably be fine without them helping… now that we know she can HEAL HERSELF.)

Anyway, next time I should have more on Senko no Night-Raid, Uragiri (this show needs an abbreviation) and maybe House of Five Leaves. We’ll see.

Random Quote: The English language was carefully, carefully cobbled together by three blind dudes and a German dictionary. – Dave Kellett


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