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Alright, so I didn’t end up watching House of Leaves yet but I did get around to Senko no Night-Raid and Uragiri, which are both getting quite interesting. I am a little surprised that Senko had something of a filler episode when it’s only 13 episodes long… I’m not sure what that’s about yet.

But anyway, we’ll get straight to it this time!

Also, possible spoilers ahead.

Senko no Night-Raid
(Watched up to episode 4)

So apparently, what I thought was the ending theme from the first episode is actually the opening theme. So my outrage is no longer that there was no opening theme song in the first ep but that there was NO ENDING THEME SONG. It’s slightly less disappointing but still very disappointing. Seriously. And the Russian in second episode sounded a lot better than the Mandarin in the first, but was still not that great. Then again, that’s to be expected from people speaking languages they don’t speak fluently. And I can imagine trying to speak Russian with your mothertongue being Japanese would be quite difficult, so with that in mind, I thought Hiroyuki Yoshino (Aoi) did quite well.

Also, I still think I don’t completely understand Aoi’s powers. Or maybe Natsume’s. Natsume can see stuff and through Yukina, Aoi was able to as well, but then he was also able to shut off the power… that I don’t understand. My understanding is that Aoi stops time for a short period of time but how does that help with switching off the power? That doesn’t seem to be a time-related action to me.

There was some more character development which was nice and had good (and obviously purposeful) tie-ins with the episode. Still, I would like to see how their powers manifested, since it seems they had these abilities before joining the organization. Also, partway into the third episode, we finally hear some good spy music. (It kind of reminded me of Cowboy Bebop for some reason.) The rest of the music has been crap and/or non-existant (although I’ll admit the violin was good).

And of course they have a cleaner (a guy who can erase memories). Every good spy team needs one, especially since Aoi is not that sneaky. (Using his abilities in front of a kid? Or maybe he only did so because he knew it would get cleaned up afterwards… whatever)

And the fourth episode was a filler but the cats made it quite enjoyable. I love cats. 🙂

(Watched up to episode 4)

This show is just so pretty. Dark most of the time but soooo pretty.

Creepy things always start on the neck. (as do vampire bites)

And and and! THE DUDE HAS FANGS. They’re making it way to easy to make connections.

So of course Yuki would have a “I just want to be normal” moment. He obviously doesn’t want his abilities but at the same time, it fuels his search for himself, which was made null since he lives in an orphanage. They’re all looking for their parents (on some level). And Yuki is a total messiah. (Which makes sense considering what his powers are… but we don’t know too much about that yet.) Yes, we’re told he’s compassionate and stuff from the very first episode and it’s not out of character or anything but he’s still too much of a crybaby. He’s like Usagi Tsukino but worse. Much worse. Seriously, would you say “Thank you for being my friend” to the person who sent you death threats and wanted to kill you so badly that a demonic creature was able to take over his body so he could kill you too? Yes he’s the messiah but come on! Still, everyone around him is pretty and they all have awesome voices so I can’t stop watching this show. Even if I can’t stand the main character. (At least Yuuki from VK was pretty.)

Also, the nakedness in the opening was cool the first time, but after that it just got creepy. (It was starting to get overdone like how it was in Gundam SEED. And in every one of its opening themes and ending themes. And whenever someone died. Or had a shower. They were ALL over the place.)

Random Quote:

“Omg! Tsukumo’s neck wound is acting up D: He’s gonna go berserk. Quick! Someone get him some blood tablets!
….oh wait..I forgot this isn’t Vampire Knight.”
KayChan4U, MAL forums


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