When at first you don’t succeed…

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Contemplate real hard why you bothered trying in the first place.

So I had started a post for Fullmetal Alchemist but I thought it would be better to post it once the anime is over to do it all together.

Plus, I’m done high school.

Okay. Back to what this post may or may not have been originally about.

Girl talk is about to ensue.

So a few weeks ago, my sister was telling me how she started experimenting with some simple nail art and she asked me to give her some more ideas that weren’t too complicated. During this search (which inevitably led to a youtube binge) I came across a design called marble nails.

It didn’t look to complicated and more importantly, it didn’t require any artistic skill.

It seemed simple enough, right?


Well, mostly wrong, at least.

For my first attempt at anything relatively artsy nail-wise, it was a success. But other than that, it wasn’t too great. Surprisingly, my best nails were my first and last nails to do, both index fingers. The right pinkie is kind of cool too but doesn’t go with any of the others.

There were a few things I was unprepared for/had difficulties with.

1) How fast I had to act when making the design.
Depending on the nail polish you use and how much you used (I was pretty stingy) affected how much time you had before your design hardened. Still, the longest time I had (off the top of my head) was maybe 30 seconds. Sure, you only have to make a few lines, but I’m also horrible under time constraints (particularly in video games and exams…) so even that was difficult. There were a few times I had to restart because it hardened after I made only a few lines and it was a crappy design. I still ended with a number of crappy ones but believe me, there were uglier ones.

2) How difficult it is to make droplets!
This was surprisingly difficult. It took forever to get certain nail polishes to pick up enough polish to drop into the water and of course, it was never consistent. Not a problem I thought I would have.

3) Consistency.
You’ll notice my right hand is a lot lighter than my left hand. That’s because one has more light pink in its designs as opposed to the other. The cool thing about marble is that no design is exactly the same but at the same time, you can end up with stuff that’s completely different.

4) Air bubbles.
I had no idea this was going to be an issue. What was even weirder was how some nails got bubbles and some didn’t, and I didn’t know what I was doing differently to learn from this mistake. I had taken pictures right after doing the nails and they all looked horrible due to the bubbles. I took more pictures the night after and they looked much better, but you can still see where the air bubbles were. However, since I had no real design in mind, I can get away with saying the random circles were a part of the design.

5) How much time it would take.
Be prepared for a good hour for this. I actually went closer to two since a few of my nail designs were beyond crappy so I redid them. This seems like it just takes practice so I can see how some people could whip this off in less than an hour, also if they did more than one finger at a time. I did a few that were 2 fingers at a time but maybe I didn’t make my design big enough because they weren’t that pretty. Plus doing more than one finger adds more risk to the amount of polish left on your fingers. Whether having music on helped or slowed my progress, I’m not sure. (Especially since I often break out into song and cannot multi-task… okay I guess that answers that question)

6) How much nail polish remover I would have to use.
Of the 5 or so examples I saw online, all of them were onto a fake nail and I knew I would have to be somewhat prepared to remove the polish off my fingers, but it was quite a bit. It also took more time since I had to be careful of what I was removing, which is usually not the case. Only now did I find a video where the girl covered the rest of her finger in scotch tape to avoid this. Why didn’t I think of that…

7) How long they would last.
I’m at roughly the 2-week mark and the thumbs are completely gone except for a dot or two and the other fingers have about half left. According to my sister, this is fairly long but compared to my regular nail polish, it’s quite short.

Also, be prepared to ruin a bowl/dish/whatever you are using. Nail polish is removable but it’s such a pain.

So yeah. That was my first experience with marble nails and I’m strangely optimistic that most of my issues were because it was my first time trying it.

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