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I finished the show.
And well… it was very… I can’t even think of the word for it. But it’s something negative, I’ll give you that much.

Before I begin my rant though, I just want to say this show was GORGEOUS. (Even if these screenshots aren’t the greatest in quality.)The scenery porn helped me get through this show. As well as the guys. But I’ll admit I was more a fan of the backgrounds than the guys in blood. Or white hair. (It doesn’t work for everyone… especially when you can compare the white versus their normal hair colour.)

See this one actually isn’t too bad, but still not as good as his brown hair.

And if you didn’t already notice, spoilers ahoy!

Haha you mean THIS?

lol This part was pretty hilarious.

I went into this show thinking it would be something like the manga, but then I realized there was also a game for it as well so that meant there could be numerous endings the animation crew could choose from to use. I also watched the show with the mindset there would be some bishies (which there were) and some harem goodness, which there was but not quite to the level I was expecting. They did make it quite obvious which of the guys she liked, similar to the manga, and how numerous other guys showed some level of affection as well but this wasn’t that central to the story.

But it turned into such a nice moment! Kind of!

Yeah it’s weird how he never explicitly says he wants her as his bride. To create powerful children. Oh wait maybe that’s why. Because that would be CREEPY.

In fact, there were so many random subplots I’m not really sure what the actual story was. Well, I’m slightly exaggerating; the main storyline was the changes and secrets of the Shinsengumi, which included the Rasetsu, Koudou-san, and less related were Kazama and the random subplot with Chizuru’s long-lost (and forgotten) sister brother. How many of these plotlines got wrapped up? How about none? (The random Itou subplot did get wrapped up with his death I guess…) Sure, they might be able to wrap up at least one of them in the sequel, but at the same time, who out there thought this was good enough to deserve a sequel? Why in hell does this get a sequel when I have yet to hear of a sequel for Skip Beat? And don’t tell me it’s the number of fangirls because Skip Beat has a fairly large fanbase! (But apparently this tells me otherwise…)

Anyway, with so many plotlines, I didn’t feel like the show flowed very well. And even thought it looked like there were plenty of things going on, a lot of it still felt filler-ish, which I found even more strange in a 12-episode show. I had felt this early on and so I decided to marathon the second half of the series. It helped slightly, but perhaps made me notice the choppiness a bit more. I kept thinking they would expand on a certain plot a bit more but then they switched to another one. I assumed they would have gone back later but that never happened, or if it did, it was for one sentence of dialogue.

She took the word right out of my mouth.

And don’t even get me started on Chizuru. I feel like she got more useless with each passing episode. She started off fairly strong, with even some sword skills (which never got used) and I was under the impression she wouldn’t be completely stupid and actually be able to help… which she kind of did. But that didn’t make up for the trouble she caused as well, at least half of which was due to her own stupidity. And I still don’t understand how the members of the Shinsengumi can give her death threats numerous times everyday and yet she’s still so nonchalant and doesn’t care at all. How is she not scared? Is she really that stupid? Wait… yes. Yes, she is. What’s even worse is that they constantly tease us about killing her and never actually do! God that would be so satisfying…

Aww come on! It would be so easy! Just do it!

Fine. If you can’t kill her, at least get her out of the way. Do it already!

And why is she still so stupid as to not realize the Rasetsu all go berserk whenever they are near blood? Hence that she should GET OUT OF THEIR WAY WHENEVER SHE IS BLEEDING! WHICH IS QUITE OFTEN! My other question is, I can understand wanting to protect her from being kidnapped, but she can FRICKIN HEAL HERSELF! Why do they keep trying to be human shields for her when she’s the one who can withstand it and live?

And why am I still watching this show? Oh right, it’s pretty. And hot.


The fighting scenes weren’t that great and I didn’t even pay attention to much of the music. The story obviously wasn’t there and I’ve complained plenty about the protagonist. So all this show had going for it was its looks and its pretty awesome voice cast. I can’t say it’s one of the best looking shows I’ve seen either, but it was pretty damn good. Good enough that unfortunately, I may end up watching the second series, if only because of this teaser image.

I see a hint of Sebastian there… or maybe it’s just the haircut.

Speaking of Sebastian, I haven’t watched the first ep of the second season yet but I’ve heard some pretty great reviews. My impressions of that will follow soon, hopefully. But I have to pack first. California-bound!

Random Quote: in a pic!

… unless you’re in a shoujo series. Then it’s okay πŸ™‚

– Saito Hajime, Hakuouki



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  1. And why am I still watching this show? Oh right, it’s pretty. And hot.

    Lol. Pretty much my feelings about it. And that teaser pic of Mr Purple eyes is gona make me do it all over again, LOL.

    But all those tangential sub-plots and the annoying Mary Sue-lead aside, this could have been a fantastic series (reminded me a bit of SaiMono in places). As it stands, it was an okay one.

    Hope you’re enjoying/ enjoyed your time in Cali! πŸ™‚

    • Lol yes. I hate myself for knowing that I’m going to sit through a crappy show simply for the eye candy and scenery porn.

      And, as you say, what’s even worse was that it had potential. Aside from the open death threats, it was very like SaiMono (even down to the same vocal lead. I love Houko Kuwashima) which increased my initial expectations. But I was quite disappointed. Looking back on it now, it wasn’t absolutely horrible, but it was still pretty bad.

      Cali was awesome, but I feel bad because I’m taking forever to write my next couple posts about it… I’m so lazy in very weird ways.

  2. If there’s one thing I can entirely agree with you upon about Hakuouki, it’s that Chizuru does in fact tank. She’s one of the worst shoujo heroines I have ever seen… and I’ve watched Fushigi Yuugi. x__x

    • I unfortunately (or apparently fortunately?) have not seen Fushigi Yuugi, but Chizuru is really horrible. I understand she’s supposed to be pretty useless and a damsel in distress most of the time, but she is even beyond those levels of suck. It’s quite unfortunate.

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