Mixed feelings…

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So I’m going to Comic-Con (and I can’t even begin to explain how cool that is) but I just can’t stop my pessimism. No, it’s not so much that too many awesome things are going on at once I can’t get to them all (though that is still something of an issue) but rather since I’m only going for Friday and Saturday, there will be some things I will miss. If I had to pick two days to go to, it would still be these two days since they have the most action and awesomeness, but Thursday, late Saturday, and Sunday have some great stuff too.

In particular, there is:
FUNimation Panel – Which will probably have some Hetalia news. And it’s FUNimation.
White Collar Panel – A ‘new’ show I got into and it has Matthew Bomer. I need to find him later…
Video Games Live – It was either going to this or the MythBusters panel, but due to various reasons, we’ve decided to go to the MythBusters panel, which will still be awesome.
Castle Panel – This is going to be what I regret the most. It’s on Sunday and we are still in the area but we don’t have tickets for this day. Even if we could still get tickets, even I’m not sure if I can convince myself it’s worth it to pay for the whole day when all I want is this one-hour panel. But it has Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and others from the main cast! And Nathan Fillion is just too cool! I will hopefully see him at other panels but the main focus won’t be Castle. I would love to hear him talk about Castle. But I guess right now my main thing is seeing HIM. And hopefully that will be done.

I am also hoping to find Vic Mignogna without having to go to the Vampire Knight panel, which hopefully is for obvious reasons but if not, it’s because the VK fangirls are as bad or (if possible) worse than the Twilight fangirls. Especially since Vic is Zero, an angsty white haired pretty boy and not part of the OTP but definitely in the fans’ OTP. Although I have to admit, while I will not participate in that fangirl craziness, it is quite fun to watch Vic embarrassed and cringing… Hmm…

Poor Holy Rome… I feel your pain… kind of…

Still, I just want to say, Comic-Con will be a full on double rainbow all the way. 🙂
And I’m quite excited for bingo.


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