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… does not even begin to cover it.

And I haven’t completely disappeared… although I did come close.

The first thing you see when you reach the convention center. Is that an awesome start to your day or what?

My trip to California and Las Vegas was awesome. Insanely awesome. And also quite insane.

Let me try and explain.

As I mentioned before, I was going to Comic-Con for the first time with my sister and brother-in-law. I arrived in the Bay area a week before the convention which included the Distant Worlds concert and mainly ‘prepping’ for Comic-Con (aka catching up on shows. I obviously was (*ahem* AM) not only behind on the anime I follow, but other stuff too). We were too late for to get the 4-day pass and had to settle for Friday and Saturday passes. We thought those two would be the best days anyway, which in many ways was still true, but Thursday was apparently pretty epic… But anyway, we left Thursday night for San Diego and we had already gone through the Comic-Con schedule to see which panels we were planning to go to.


And boy were there a plethora of them to choose from. Eventually, we narrowed it down to our top 3 for the busy time slots, with 2 backups in case we couldn’t get into various events. As I said, this was our first Comic-Con and we had no idea what to expect. We knew there would be tons of people but even if we did know the numbers at that time (which I don’t think we did, but it’s about 125,000), there’s a big difference between imagining a number of people and walking through it.

And needless to say, we were overwhelmed.

This was weird yet cool… yet weird.

After registering and getting our huge (and I mean HUGE) bags, which also broke quite easily, we were psyched and about to get in line for our first panel; the Big Bang Theory in Ballroom 20 (the second largest room holding about 6000 people). As reference, the only other convention the three of us had been to was Fan Expo in Toronto which, compared to Comic-Con, (the motherlode of all cons) was a baby.

We had planned to arrive an hour before the panel, and technically we did, but we weren’t in line an hour before the panel. Having never been in the room before, we also had no way of gauging how far away we were from the room in our line and the volunteers were pretty useless. They told us we might be able to get in, but after about 20 minutes in line and only some movement, we decided it our time would be better used on the exhibit floor. (Later, this decision was confirmed when we got into the room for a later panel and man, we were REALLY far from the room. Like really.)

First cosplay pic of the con. Yay Avatar!

We were still overwhelmed by the giant that is Comic-Con and had completely forgot about our back-up panels at that point in time, which, in hindsight, was my only chance at seeing Nathan Fillion that weekend. I was quite disappointed. Instead, however, I was able to get one of the limited free Fullmetal Alchemist keychains from the Square Enix booth.

Chibi Roy and Ed are quite cute 🙂

So my time was not completely wasted. I was able to begin exploring the exhibit floor which was HUGE. It was cool yet so very annoying. There were so many cool things going on, possibly at the same time, and you would never really be able to find out about them. It was all about luck, or I guess in some cases, one’s ability to stalk. Even so, I found it really difficult to find anything and I didn’t have the chance to explore all 5000+ booths. But more on that later.

Awesome merch.

Also, it was around this time I discovered Comic-Con had their own public wi-fi network and so I was able to tweet. Having only an iPod touch, I don’t usually get to do that often so I was quite happy. 🙂

At this point, my little group split up as my sister and her husband went to Hall H (the biggest room and where ‘dreams come true’), mainly to see Will Ferrell (and Mark Wahlberg and Eva Mendez) which they later said was hilariously awesome while I… *sigh* … I went to the Vampire Knight panel.

Wrong vampire series. Hilarious banner though.

Before you judge me, let me defend myself.
(Or dig myself a deeper hole…)

This is one of the cases where I do consider VK and Twilight similar in my mind (aside from the obvious similarities of vampires, vampires with abilities, lots of hot vampires, a love triangle, an annoying protagonist, lots of angst and wangst, both have a huge case of fan dumb, the paper version is much better than any other adaptation, wait these are two different series?). I like both of these series. I actually do. But I don’t like to say I do in public because of the fangirls. And because I don’t want to be killed for being a KanamexYuuki fan. (Although I admit ZeroxYuuki is growing on me. Reading fanfics quite easily changes my thoughts on various pairings.) And I just want to say I am Team Edward but I’m also Team Lautner. Meaning book-wise, Edward all the way, but in real life, I’d pick Taylor.

Blah, sidetracked yet again. My main point is that I didn’t really go to this panel for Vampire Knight. I haven’t seen much of the dub but the bits I’ve seen plus just seeing the names of the voice cast tell me this will be pretty horrible. I mainly went because it was my only chance (or I thought it was) to see Vic Mignogna. He’s just too cool. And hilarious.

Perhaps this picture of a cute attempt to make Pikachu a… rock star will distract you from my tangential ramblings.

And… I kind of lied. It’s not so much that I didn’t want to be surrounded by the fangirls but rather because I knew I would turn into one of them. Whether if it’s a side of me I like to keep hidden or just a contagious feeling (“If you can’t beat’em, join’em”), it was there. There were some funny moments that I caught on video but I’m a little too scared to look at them right now because it’s definitely going to hurt my ears, and even more so because I know the loudest voice (also the one closest to the camera) will be mine.

What was perhaps even more annoying was that I was closest to the front than I was at any other panel at Comic-Con but I had the worst view. Partly because I was of to one side and the voice actors were not sitting in the middle of the room and closer to the other side of the room and also because a very tall guy cosplaying Zero was sitting directly in my line of sight.

Stupid tall Zero…

What was perhaps even more annoying was that I heard him (guy cosplaying as Zero) talking to his friend earlier and he seemed like a really nice guy, so I couldn’t hate him outright. He just happened to be in my way and annoyingly tall.

But anyway, the panel was great. I laughed and squealed like crazy. And, as I was waiting to get out of that area, I was able to get Vic’s autograph! There were a few other people’s autographs I could have gotten as well but I only really cared about Vic.

Aww I feel so bad for him because it’s pretty obvious everyone likes Zero and Vic. He’s actually pretty cool.

And this is getting quite long so I’ll stop here for now. (My sidetracking really needs to be cut down. A lot.)
I can see this being at least a 3-parter but I should be able to whip them off pretty quickly… hopefully.

Random Quote: “We won’t be meeting Ashley for a while. The file claims she’s 20. She’s got the body of a 20 year old. The personality of a sixteen year old. The face of a thirteen year old. The voice of a spoiled nine year old.” – Let’s Play Resident Evil 4: Chapter 3


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