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… Yet.

I’m not going to try to make excuses, but I’ll try to make up for my long absence. I’ve been quite busy with university, and I had also debated putting this blog on hiatus (which is what ended up happening), but I’m back. For a little while, at least.

I wanted to do another in-depth post about the last bit of the Friday of Comic-Con and all of Saturday, but then I realized it was just me gloating about how awesome it was and it wasn’t too fun to read or write. So I scrapped that and decided to talk about what I didn’t really like about Comic-Con, which was five times shorter and more interesting in my opinion. (And also to accentuate the negative)

And so, my first Comic-Con was great, but there were plenty of issues:

The line for Hall H. Needless to say, this is nowhere near the hall.

For $35-ish a day and what this convention has to offer, this is a steal. I would totally be fine with paying double the price if half the amount of people were allowed in. I guess with more people, the vendors are more likely to get more paying customers, but still. These lines are INSANE. It’s not even comparable to an airport line or a roller coaster line. And with crazy fans, you could be there hours ahead and still not get in. I swear some of these people camp out there the whole weekend. (Some of them smelled like they did. Twas not cool.)

So… many… awesome… panels… ahhhh.

2) Too many things to do/see
Looking back on what I got to do and who I got to see, it’s a pretty extensive list. But it’s definitely not even a tenth of what was there. After the convention, I went online and hear about so many things I didn’t even know happened while I was at the convention or all these people I missed, simply because I chose to do something else instead or I didn’t even know it was going on. I found this quite heartbreaking for me because, perhaps unlike other fans out there, I like almost all the genres which means I like almost everything and which means I have to choose which one I like more. For example, I wanted to go to the Marvel Games panel which was at the same time as the Cartoon Network Panel which was at the same time as anything in Hall H (dreams come true in Hall H) which was at the same time of various autographs, a few of which I knew of were Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal. Basically, imagine there being at least three things you wanted to go to at any given time. For a whole weekend. As awesome as it was, there were so many missed opportunities. And, if by some miracle, some of these things weren’t at the same time, the crazy long lines would haves barred me from getting into most of these panels. It was really sad.

3) It’s better to stay in one place
Kind of related to the previous point, but it’s worth making it its own point. I got a lot more accomplished on Saturday because for one thing, I was there the whole day and didn’t sleep in as much and because I mainly stayed in one room. This meant I got a good seat and saw everything that went on in that room, including the cast of Family Guy, the Cleveland Show, V, Fringe, and the main three from Vampire Diaries. Also, because I was in the room for the previous panel, it meant I could leave the room and come back without having to wait in line again so long as I came back within the hour of the next panel. I did this for the Simpsons panel because I found it pretty boring. (I think it was because they didn’t have any/many people from the voice cast there lol. I have yet to meet a boring voice actor or one who wasn’t naturally hilarious.)

I can’t see anything, Domo! But you are quite cool…

4) So hard to find anything!
I just want to say, for the size of the event, they were as organized as they could be. The lines for getting into rooms was very systematic. There was a good general map. But particularly for autographs… I thought it was madness. Sure, you might know someone who’s on a certain show so they’ll be at a booth affiliated with that show, but you don’t know at what time, because there are even random booths where people randomly sign at random times, and then there’s also the official signing section where only some people sign, and then there’s the idea that you don’t even know if you might get an autograph from someone because you have to RAFFLE for it? That’s just crazy.

(At least the voice actors didn’t have the raffle and a lot of them gave you their autographs for free so that was nice. I also think it was pretty cool that I was able to basically walk up to Vic Mignogna and ask for an autograph and he did it for me. 🙂 )

Still, I had a great time. I really did. I saw Zachary Levi, Vic Mignogna, Anna Torv, Seth MacFarlane, Billy West, ALL of the MythBusters, and many more. Twas awesome, but of course, we all want more.

Random Quote: Hyperdimension drive? How dare they enter our territory with a navigation system that’s supposed to only exist in theory! – Roboworld leader, Redline


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