Distant worlds together…

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… Miracles from realms beyond…

I had never heard this song before last Thursday and it is quite good. Of course, it is Final Fantasy music. 🙂

And where was I when I first heard this great song? Why, at the Distant Worlds concert in San Francisco!

Oh yes.

This was an amazing concert and a much better ‘real’ start to my trip in California after my flight got delayed a day. And guess who was at the concert?

Find out!


Choo choo!

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The power of a train whistle is extraordinary. Scares away enemies, opens up portals, speeds up your train like crazy…

So with Phantom Hourglass done not too long ago, of course Spirit Tracks would come next. This was a very good game and entertaining and was able to expand on many of Phantom Hourglass’s good points, but nevertheless, it was still basically the same thing. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but for those expecting something completely different, this was not it.

Still, there were plenty of cool things to keep me amused (even if my beloved hammer was nowhere to be seen…)

Let’s set the mood with some music, shall we?

Nostaligic, isn’t it?

Oh. And should I mention there be SPOILERS AHEAD? Okay.

I get it now!

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I thought I basically understood before, but after finishing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, I really understand the meaning of the title now. And I would hope so, otherwise that would really suck.

This game was quite good. In many respects reminded me of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and I would even go as far as saying that 358/2 Days is the Crisis Core of the Kingdom Hearts universe. And this is by no means a bad thing. In fact, it worked quite well, but more so with Crisis Core. 358/2 Days had CC’s main flaw and a few others.

But before I go any further, I just want to say a couple words (literally) about the recent manga chapter in Bleach: YES ISSHIN.

That is all.


We tried.

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We really did. And I daresay we were close. Close but no cigar.

Last week I went to California to visit my sister and relax during my March Break but really, when it came down to it, I went so we could play Final Fantasy XIII together. I arrived the day it was released and my sister pre-ordered it so we were all set. But apparently a little over a week (and our sleeping habits) just didn’t cut it. We knew this would be a long game, as it was proclaimed the longest in the Final Fantasy series, and at first we had no expectations of finishing it, but then the end was starting to come into sight, and that was when we began to delude ourselves into thinking we could actually pull this off. We had fairly easily gotten ourselves through the first 10 chapters of the game and with only 3 left, we thought we could do the rest in the last 2 days of my stay. What we didn’t consider was the sheer length of chapter 11 as well as the expected time to be spent there grinding a fair amount. With about five different areas of basically travelling through various expanses, we assumed we could grind a bit at the first place and then skip our way through, still getting most of the treasures. This worked until the fifth area, where we began to get our asses kicked. Quite hard. We were still able to survive battles but at almost double the target time, and that’s when we knew this was not going to work out anymore.

So we gave up and spent the last few hours I was in Cali playing Rock Band. With GLaDOS. (Oh if only this was a triumph…)
But at least we tried?

Now I’m just annoyed that one, we won’t be able to finish the game until the next time I’m in Cali, which is this summer. However, this does give my sister time to level and do the mission sidequests on her own time so we will definitely be able to finish it this summer. And two, we went from thinking “There is no way we can do this” to “OMG we can do this!” and back to “There is no way we can do this”. The fact that we were so close (we think) that we could taste it and then it was snatched away from us is what makes this unaccomplishment that much worse. It’s like those athletes who are milliseconds away from a gold medal. No, we weren’t that close, but it felt like we were.


But I might as well mention some things about the game I liked/disliked now. It makes me feel a little better? (There be spoilers. And since it’s more or less ranting, it will be long)
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Aren’t breaks awesome? Spring break has started for me (after a crazy term. I really need a break right now) so I’m off to California next week! My sister just got a PS3 and I’ll be coming just in time for the release of Final Fantasy XIII so you can guess what we’ll be doing for the next week or so. (This may or may not affect my posting something here… we’ll see.)

But before that, I have to pack, and this is one of the songs on constant replay during my packing. I mentioned it in a previous post but it’s so amazing that it deserves its own feature. Here’s Dynamo of Volition by Jason Mraz.

Did you catch the Nintendo reference? lol

I’ll admit I’m trying to memorize this and I’ve got the first half down. Time well wasted? I think so.

Speaking of FFXIII…


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Exams are over.

I had a pretty weird schedule. A bunch at the very beginning then a 3-day break before my last exam on the last day of exams. I guess it could have been a lot worse, but hey. I would have rather had that break after finishing my exams. And those 3 days were pretty useless because all I really did was sleep. So as to avoid that voice in my head that would be nagging “You could be using this time to study!” if I was doing something… less productive.

Anyway, somehow in all of this, I found a new song to get stuck in my head. It’s Abracadabra by the Brown Eyed Girls. I happened to stumble upon them after looking at some Wonder Girls stuff (apparently they’re touring with Justin Bieber now which is… interesting to say the least.) But anyway, another k-pop song for your entertainment. I prefer the dance-only version of the video because the dance is much cooler than the semi-random guy sleeping around. Still, it is pretty suggestive so if you’re under… 12, you may want to just listen to it.

As catchy and sultry as the song is, it seems a little weird to me with lyrics about a boyfriend having an affair, but whatever.
Total sexiness. lol.

In other news…

♪♫ Where did my baby go…♫♪

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♪♫ I wish that she would get back soon (get back soon)♫♪

Yes, John Legend is awesome.

While I don’t think I’m a baby anymore (I did have my birthday last week…) I was… somewhere. I was at home but in total relax mode and didn’t do much. I didn’t even watch too many shows. Not even finishing catching up on Glee. (Mind you I was only 2 episodes in… but I still only ended up watching another 2 episodes near the end of my break). This was also when my older sister showed me this group, NLT, one of whose members is in Glee. (Can you guess who?) Anyway, I’m kind of in love with this song right now.

There’s a really smooth arm-through move at 2:50. Looks so cool.

Oh boy bands. ♥

Figured out who it is?

The insanity…

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You know something is wrong when you spend about 70 hours per week at school.

That’s what most of December was for me. (well, not this last past week. That was my week to catch up on all my projects due all throughout December.)

But the school musical is over now! It was so awesome (it was Grease) with no major screw-ups so that was even better. But it’s sad that it’s over now, my last musical in high school…
(needed to avoid writing HSM voluntarily…)

So obviously, not only have I not had the time to write anything, I’ve also not had time to find much to write about.

But here’s some random cool stuff anyway…


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Haven’t had too much time to do anything other than school-related things recently so there’s not too much to say. I will say that I did manage to ‘finish’ The World Ends With You but seriously there’s a lot of stuff afterwards. I got through most of it but Tin Pin Slammer hates me. Or maybe I just suck. I’ll just push my luck and say both. That aside, it was a really good game. I was so into the story and as angry as Neku when crazy things happened. Sure, some of it was angsty and cheesy (Correction: it was full of angst and cheese) but it was still crazy in its plot-twisting and diverse array of characters. I’d also love to find a game script, but there doesn’t seem to be on on GameFaqs… I’ll guess I’ll have to look elsewhere…

In the mangaverse…

Change of plans

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So apparently I didn’t go out of town last week as I planned but ended up having to work like crazy (or as crazy as it gets for a procrastinator. So more like it got crazy around midnight.) And to add to my limited amounts of time, last Saturday, I ‘decided’ to sleep (on and off) for about 17 hours. And I was still tired. (Sure it could have been from oversleeping but somehow I doubt that.) But I guess that’s what happens right after you write the SATs, which I did that morning. It was long yet short. Three-and-a-half-ish hours of testing in 10 parts, where the last part is 14 questions in 10 minutes. Fun stuff. The only highlights were that the essay was the first testing part (I wanted to get that out of the way as soon as possible) and that, since it’s for my ‘reach’ choice, I won’t bother taking the SATs again. But seriously, who forces you to write in cursive anymore? Sure, it was only for the legal agreement stuff, but who really cares if you write in cursive or not? Because of that, I spent a good minute trying to remember how to write a cursive capital ‘I’. I was not impressed. But thank goodness they didn’t make us write in cursive for the essay. That would have sucked.
The only thing is now, I have to wait another month before the results. Grr.

But enough of my ranting (or so you think… hehehe)
Let’s move on to some other stuff, shall we?

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