Cats and a messiah…

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Alright, so I didn’t end up watching House of Leaves yet but I did get around to Senko no Night-Raid and Uragiri, which are both getting quite interesting. I am a little surprised that Senko had something of a filler episode when it’s only 13 episodes long… I’m not sure what that’s about yet.

But anyway, we’ll get straight to it this time!

Also, possible spoilers ahead.



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My IB exams are over (the only IB course I took was standard level math) so while my heart goes out to those with at least 10 IB papers to write, I’m annoyed that I still have another 7 weeks of school. The only benefit to being full-IB is getting out of school by the end of May and right now, I kind of wish I chose that route. But only kind of. (Because the IB sucks.)

And seriously. Who FORCES you to write a math exam in pen?
I understand it’s to better see the writing after scanning the papers but we know for a fact ours weren’t getting scanned this year. So why?

Anyway, I think I’m gonna continue my recent method of posting several show reviews in one post since I like it and it keeps me slightly more on track than usual. However, since I’m covering 4-5 shows, it still may be better to split this into two posts, so here’s Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Hakuouki.
But before then, I’ve also been trying to get caught up on Fringe (particularly because of the musical episode that came out a week or 2 ago) so of course, a song caught my eye.

It’s called Freezing by MoZella. I think it’s a really cool song because it has dark-sounding verses but quite a bright and happy chorus. Plus her sexy, raspy voice is quite awesome. I was looking at some of her other songs and I like her vibe: it’s the kind of music that you’d hear at a hip clothing store or on various commercials (maybe because they have been on various commercials? lol). It’s mellow and yet has a good beat. An awesome find. Also great acoustically.

On to the shows!

Just great.

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Yeah. Just great.

Well, school has taken over my life and will continue to do so for the next week at least with one (slash two) of my exams coming up. This has also resulted in me not having much time for shows, but I will say a little about another show I’m considering sticking with, which is Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru. And isn’t that a mouthful. But I just want to say that it’s gorgeous. Sure, it’s considered shounen-ai but even if you’re not into that, it didn’t look like it was that overly done or anything in the first episode. I think also the fact that the guy likes the other guy “only” because he loved his previous incarnation who was a girl makes it less shounen-ai-ish. But then again, I haven’t read the manga and I’ve only seen the first episode so there could (and probably will be?) more to this. Either way, it is still shounen-ai so it will either be a “will they or won’t they” situation or their love will be obvious but neither of them will act on it. While we didn’t see too much use of supernatural abilities/weapons in the first episode, the opening definitely hinted at more so I’m excited for that. This definitely has a Vampire Knight feel to it but I’ve yet to determine whether that’s a good or bad thing. Still, it has its looks, supernatural-ness and voice cast going for it. (Which VK did as well…) But seriously. Takahiro Sakurai, Jun Fukuyama, Marina Inoue, Daisuke Ono, Mamoru Miyano, and Akira Ishida in the cast? I’m not even sure you can go wrong with this.

Either way, here are some gorgeous screens!

Choo choo!

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The power of a train whistle is extraordinary. Scares away enemies, opens up portals, speeds up your train like crazy…

So with Phantom Hourglass done not too long ago, of course Spirit Tracks would come next. This was a very good game and entertaining and was able to expand on many of Phantom Hourglass’s good points, but nevertheless, it was still basically the same thing. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but for those expecting something completely different, this was not it.

Still, there were plenty of cool things to keep me amused (even if my beloved hammer was nowhere to be seen…)

Let’s set the mood with some music, shall we?

Nostaligic, isn’t it?

Oh. And should I mention there be SPOILERS AHEAD? Okay.

Three in one!

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So here’s three shows in one post! I don’t feel like too much happened in any of them so it felt better to put them all in one post. Perhaps surprisingly, they were all quite enjoyable.



Kaichou wa Maid-sama Ep 1 – blah

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April Fools! (If only…)

Before I begin my rant, did you have an interesting April Fools Day? There were some interesting pranks on various websites, like Gamefaq‘s usual hidden poll answer (… it’s getting old). I liked WoW’s matchmaking service. It has a pretty funny intro video and a couple funny options such as “I am a lonely wizard looking for a mighty ally between level 90 and level 99.” Unfortunately, the joke stops there. It says it keeps loading stuff but it loops (yes I checked lol). Still, it lives up to WoW’s reputation for great April Fools pranks. (They’re one of the few that I actually remember years later.)

Two others that I liked were Koticku and Japanator going Americanator. It was quite an elaborate prank with many posts relating to the cause and it was very cool. Some of the articles were meh but combine them all and they are quite awesome and funny, especially the recommendation for Jersey Shore and an X-Men/Twilight crossover. I lol’d quite a bit at the crossover.

There were quite a few game-related ones (and I’m sure that’s not even an extensive list) that I was pretty surprised. Maybe I usually don’t see all this because I’m quite gullible so I choose to avoid all news on that day? Hmm.

Anyway, get ready for some fairly major ranting.

I get it now!

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I thought I basically understood before, but after finishing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, I really understand the meaning of the title now. And I would hope so, otherwise that would really suck.

This game was quite good. In many respects reminded me of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and I would even go as far as saying that 358/2 Days is the Crisis Core of the Kingdom Hearts universe. And this is by no means a bad thing. In fact, it worked quite well, but more so with Crisis Core. 358/2 Days had CC’s main flaw and a few others.

But before I go any further, I just want to say a couple words (literally) about the recent manga chapter in Bleach: YES ISSHIN.

That is all.


If only there was a restaurant of paradise…

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Well, to some people, it would be Casetta Dell’orso, but I’ll admit I don’t think it is. But then again, I must be wrong since the show is called Ristorante Paradiso.

lol well I guess this is paradise for someone, right?

But yeah… hmmm…. so I initially wrote this in parts and assumed by the end it wouldn’t be that long so I could put all three show reviews together but it ended up being kinda long… plus I am going to be busy in the next couple weeks with my summer school exam and then going to California and so I’m going to split this up. Oh the suspense lol.

Oh and this should go without saying by now but there be SPOILERS ahead.

To Paradise…

why am I so behind…

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On second thought, don’t answer that.

Oh that devilish smile of yours…

lol Finally. After a long time (it must be close to a month by now… sorry!) I’ve gotten around to writing/posting this review/something about Kuroshitsuji. I thought this show was fabulous but unfortunate that the amount of comedy started to die down by the end. This show had great potential at the beginning but became a love-it-or-hate-it show for many by the end. Nevertheless, I still thought it was good and would recommend it to any dark fantasy/comedy lover. And the cast (and voice cast) are simply amazing.
And I don’t know why but Photobucket randomly makes my pictures black and white for some reason… it’s really weird… Hmm…

On a another not, anyone else excited for E3? And apparently the 3 new games to be revealed by Square-Enix?

Anyway, with a SPOILERS warning, shall we?
Yes we shall.

Crisis Core… it’s over…!

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Doesn’t it kinda look like a Kingdom Hearts cover artwork?

I cried. Twice.
And this is seriously saying something because I’ve never cried after reading any story or watching any movie in my life. I’d say the closest I came to watery eyes would be at the end of the Sailor Moon manga, but I was bawling here. And I even quickly played through the whole game again the next day (and loved every moment of it even more if that’s possible) and I still cried. Possibly more. I was so immersed into this story and the awesome and fairly interactive ending even though I knew what was coming, but it was amazing. I can’t really say anything more than that.

But of course, I will.
And it will be after my SPOILERS AHOY warning.

Before we dive in, I just want to say if you live in LA, you have to go see this and send me more pictures so I can live through you vicariously. The Square-Enix blog says it’s at the corner of S. Figueroa Street and Olympic Boulevard in Downtown Los Angeles. I wish I could see the real thing. And it’s kinda funny that it’s overtop the Grand Theft Auto poster. Take that! lol.

Use brings about wear, tear, and rust. And that’s a real waste.
– Angeal, Crisis Core

Shall we dive into the world of Gaia?

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