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April Fools! (If only…)

Before I begin my rant, did you have an interesting April Fools Day? There were some interesting pranks on various websites, like Gamefaq‘s usual hidden poll answer (… it’s getting old). I liked WoW’s matchmaking service. It has a pretty funny intro video and a couple funny options such as “I am a lonely wizard looking for a mighty ally between level 90 and level 99.” Unfortunately, the joke stops there. It says it keeps loading stuff but it loops (yes I checked lol). Still, it lives up to WoW’s reputation for great April Fools pranks. (They’re one of the few that I actually remember years later.)

Two others that I liked were Koticku and Japanator going Americanator. It was quite an elaborate prank with many posts relating to the cause and it was very cool. Some of the articles were meh but combine them all and they are quite awesome and funny, especially the recommendation for Jersey Shore and an X-Men/Twilight crossover. I lol’d quite a bit at the crossover.

There were quite a few game-related ones (and I’m sure that’s not even an extensive list) that I was pretty surprised. Maybe I usually don’t see all this because I’m quite gullible so I choose to avoid all news on that day? Hmm.

Anyway, get ready for some fairly major ranting.


Haha… April Fools

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So it’s April Fools! Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to think of a cool prank so you’re just going to have to deal with plain ol’ me. I’ve been looking around and I saw some interesting and weird stuff today so I thought I’d share. Well, Wikipedia‘s featured article is the Museum of Bad Art (art too bad to be ignored) which is interesting. But I’m confused… I was looking at the new articles on the front page that are seemingly fake but when I looked into them more I found real articles elsewhere that were posted before April 1st. Are they just a collection of recent weird news articles or have I been completely fooled? I wouldn’t be surprised, but I’m still left wondering. Or maybe I’ve just been fooled by the wording or something…

Edit: Added Twitter Updates to the home page. Don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier… hmm
Also, for some reason I missed this one too, but Aerandria had a fake Midnight Secretary novel translated with an awesome twist. That was fabulous.

More pranks

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