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This site has added a few more names to the cast list for The Last Airbender, the first move adaptation of Avatar and they are all brown people playing the people of the Fire Nation. The only good thing about this that I can think of is that since Zuko is already gonna be played by a brown guy, at least they’re consistent. BUT SERIOUSLY! Once again, WHY THE HELL IS THE FIRE NATION BROWN?!?!?!?! It’s too late for Zuko, but now so is Uncle Iroh and Zhao? Zhao is CLEARLY AN ASIAN NAME! AND NOT BROWN! Why? Why are they doing this? They obviously know what these people should be. I don’t understand why they’re doing things in a way that they know will not please the fans. I’ll give them a case for Aang and the air nomads who do look like they have lighter skin, but I still don’t know how you could think that Tibetan-style monks look white… But the Earth Kingdom has the only Asian so far? The Korean? That’s a start but come on…! And seriously, the Earth Kingdom is probably the better place to cast the whites. Why is everything so backward? I was already skeptical when they first said they were gonna make a live-action movie a long time ago, but this is just making me so much more annoyed. And they totally planned this. All of the parts for the movie asked for Caucasian or any other ethnicity. Seriously. I’ll let this photo essay do more of the talking. I’ve had enough.

On a weirder and funnier note…



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Gah. This week has been horribly overloaded with work. And what really sucks is that I only have myself to blame since have of it I could have started last week. Why must I be a procrastinator…? Hmm, that’s actually an interesting question. Well, laziness is an obvious answer, but I feel like there’s more to it than that… hmm…

Anyway, due to the busy-ness (oh! business! I get it!) of this week, I haven’t been able to do too much and I’ll be out most of tonight so the rest of this post may come tomorrow, or when I have something a bit more interesting to comment on. But you can expect more stuff coming soon because I will be on a break after next week! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

And, for some reason (I’m still not quite sure why) I joined Twitter, at the request/force of my sister. And she was like “Do it NOW! Before all the good names get taken!” And she even checked which names were and whatnot for me. So yeah, without much reluctance, I joined. (I kind of wanted to, but just was too lazy… there’s that procrastination again. It creeps up on you, doesn’t it? You don’t realize just how much it affects your life… ugh)



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It’s almost New Years!

Anyway, so breaks are awesome but they do affect my perception of time and change my regular day routine. Which is not always cool. On the one hand, I can stay up later and sleep in, but vacation time pushes this to the extremes where I sleep after 5am and wake up after 3pm. Sure, that’s not that big of a problem, but it can be difficult when trying to make plans for a whole day or thinking about when I do have to go back to school and it’s as if I have jet lag. And that would only be cool if I went somewhere nice in order to get it as a ‘consequence’. Not only that, but because every day is a holiday, I lose track of time and I rarely know what day it is. I managed at first because of my watch but I don’t always wear my watch in the house, so then this also becomes useless. I do realize I’m complaining that it’s break time, but still… well, I should know by now that few things ever fully meet my expectations 🙂

So! Well… I can’t say I’ve caught up on my shows yet… but I am almost done Chrono Cross! lol I should be able to finish the game today (like another 2 hours of playtime, maybe less, but we’ll see…) And, this is kinda sad, but I had gotten The Legend of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass for my sister for Christmas not realizing we had already given it to her for her last birthday… Oops! Silly me. But we still got her two other games for her DS, and she still has tons from last year’s Christmas she hasn’t finished yet, but that was fine and more than enough to keep her busy. So, we returned the game and my sister told me to get something for myself instead because she had so many games already and my birthday is coming up and she doesn’t know what to get me. I was kinda hesitant, but I let it go. So I went and bought Okami and I haven’t opened it yet since it may get wrapped before January 2… Yay!

But anyway…

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