Long weekend…!

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… and yet it’s almost half over already? Boo.

I don’t have too much time right now so I’ll do a longer post later but for now I just mention a couple things. First, there’s a picture of a new Square-enix game in OPM? Looks pretty cool. But with only one screenshot and no name… this isn’t much to go on. I mean, we found out about the name Dissidia long before we knew what it was for (and boy was that an awesome surprise lol). Still, for some reason, that picture reminds me of Cloud with his back to the Shinra HQ, a blitzball sphere on the left, and a futuristic city like Arcadia but with a bluer colour scheme. Does anyone else see that? Or at least now that I pointed it out? lol.

So anyway, I was checking out some random stuff when I came across this (originally from here):

Isn’t that so cute? Haha I also started laughing for awhile. But I guess it still can’t compare to this… Because that one is pure awesomeness lol. Ah, I love motivational posters 🙂 .

Well, that’s all the time I have for now. Later!

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Liar Game: as good as Death Note?

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I recently discovered this manga called Liar Game by Kaitani Shinobu which has done well at replacing my psychological fill after Death Note. Is it as good? I’m not sure if anything can be as good as Death Note, but this series definitely has potential and if not already is really good.

Summary: At the sight of greed, your average human being always chooses money over integrity; however, such a thing is impossible for the Nao Kanzaki, who is about the most honest person you can find. But when she accidentally joined The Liar Game, her honesty has proved to be a deadly poison. In a game where every player has to either trick their opponents to gain a large prize, or be burdened with an equally large debt, the honest Nao Kanzaki has no choice but to get help from Shinichi Akiyama, a genius con artist that conned a multi-billionaire company. With the help of Akiyama, Nao Kanzaki now participates in the dangerous world of the The Liar Game.

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Latest Recommendation: Death Note

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Death Note
I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to this yet, but here it is now.

Summary: Yagami Light is an ace student with great prospects, who’s bored out of his mind. One day he finds the “Death Note”: a notebook from the realm of the Death Gods, with the power to kill people in any way he desires. With the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create his perfect world, without crime or criminals. However, when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorites send the legendary detective L to track down the killer, and a battle of wits, deception and logic ensues…

For those of you who have yet to watch this, you are surely missing out. This show is Amazing. Actually. I loved every minute of it. It is the most ingenious murder mystery I have ever seen, partly because of the added supernatural factor. But that doesn’t change its greatness. It is just so clever and so well thought-out that I am simply astonished. Sure, you may think the first episode is a bit slow, but that’s just because it’s getting warmed up. In fact, it just kept getting better and better. After every episode, I was left wanting more and I am terribly sad that it’s over… personally, I did half expect the ending that it had, but that was actually the only part of this show that I thought was kind of poorly done. Well, really, the fact that it was poorly done actually made it even more well thought-out. I’ve probably lost most of you by now, but that’s okay because you’ll understand when you watch the show! But Light and L are both amazing and freakishly intelligent badasses. Light’s acting skills and both of their intelligences are OVER 9000!!! Kay no, that was too much of a cliché. But it’s so true. 37 episodes. 18.5 hours well spent.

Rating: 10/10
Just too good for words.

For those of you who have seen Death Note, any recommendations for shows similar to it? I’ve started watching Akagi, but frankly, I’m getting a bit bored of the repetitiveness…

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