No I did not go see the Jonas Brothers…

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Or the Wonder Girls (grr. I’m jealous of my friends who did see them sing Nobody). I was at the Fan Expo!

This is a little late now but the end of summer and school were a little higher up on my list so yeah! Better late than never? lol

It was an action-packed three days (with little sleep) and an awesome time. My only regret is that I didn’t use a lot of flash in my pictures so many ended up blurry but I was just trying to be nice and not add to the blindness created by all the other flash photographers. But apparently, it was needed. I still have a lot of pictures though so it’s alright.

Anyway, I went…


internet sweet internet…

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Being me, I forgot to say anything about how I was going to be away at my friend’s cottage for a week! But that aside, I had NO INTERNET! This trip reminded me of my dependence on it and how integral it has become in our everyday lives. Not that it’s completely a bad thing, though. Just something to think about. Particularly how many hours you spend in a day staring at a screen… and what time of day… but anyway, I was always busy so I think there were only two long moments when I thought about wanting the internet and that was only because some of the people I was with were going into town that day to go to an internet cafe and the other time was because I remember it was Friday and I’d have to read my weekly manga and possibly start writing my weekly(ish) post. Which I have to say was pretty impressive. I still can’t believe I survived a whole week! Of course, that will make me even more behind but that’s just something I have to deal with… lol

While at the cottage, I was able to see this cool sky after a storm.

It’s really cool because you can still see some blue in the sky mixed with the pink as well as a rainbow and where the sunset is currently hitting the trees. Very cool. Here is some more of the mix of pink and blue sky and this one is full out pink.


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