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SE Announces KH Re:Chain of Memories for NA!

Need I say more?
No, but I will anyway.

Re:CoM (on the PS2) is having a North American release on December 2nd for $29.99 (USD)!
I’m so excited! Now we know that all those past rumours are now, in fact, true. That’s awesome!
And it’ll be out in time for Xmas! (hint hint)
Well, I actually already have a few other things I want… (a PSP and Crisis Core) but we’ll see.

On another note, the annual Gamefaqs Character Battle has begun! This year, my sister and I actually decided to enter in a bracket so it’s even more important to vote everyday this time. I personally don’t have any expectations to win. It’s just fun, but getting a prize is always a lovely bonus lol.

And, once again, I seem to have forgotten that today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yes, mateys! Aye, today be the day where ye may be forced to walk the plank! Kay no, I can’t do it. It doesn’t sound cool when I try… boo.

And apparently…


I’m back! …right?

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Well, sorta… I still have a few more days before school starts so I thought I’d write a little something. Oh and I’m not reading too much news on Final Fantasy XIII or Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep, 358/2 Days or Coded because now I feel like it’s getting to be too much of spoilage for me. Some intriguing stuff at the beginning was cool but I don’t want to really know what happens unless I can get to play the game right now. I hate that suspense… that also why if I’m going to pick up a new anime or manga, I’d prefer if it was complete so I don’t go crazy at the possible cliffhangers. That’s totally something I would do and have done.

Anyway, it’s after midnight here, so I thought “Hmm. There’s a new daily Gamefaqs poll up.” So I went to take a look, and what’s this? Something about a Square-Enix/Tecmo merger? So I started googling around to see what was going on and I just couldn’t get over some of these article titles:

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