Have I told you how much I love weekends?

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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice… 🙂

Aah… two exams done… four more to go…
What sucks though is that the exams I think I’ll have the most trouble with are my last three… so I can’t even feel that relieved. Grr…

Anyway! Enough about school. I’m sorry! I would have posted this earlier today but in the middle of writing, I went to go see Slumdog Millionaire which was very good. Although you may not understand all of it because there’s some dialogue that’s not in English and it’s not completely subtitled. So they kind of cheat and avoid saying the f-word in English but say it all the time in Hindi. (I don’t say that word! I just know because Russell Peters made a joke about it… (go to about 2:26). But yeah! Great heart-warming movie. It was pretty cool how his whole life prepared him for that one moment. But I won’t spoil…

Since last week I finished my review on Vampire Knight Guilty, it’s time to write one on Hakushaku to Yousei and the new show! Haha I still haven’t said the name, but I guess you could cheat and just look at the tags for this post… I’ll admit tags are awesome when searching for something but they take the fun out of the surprise lol.

Once again, since these are completed shows, there will be spoilers.

Anyway, onwards!



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Okay WordPress just got a new layout for the dashboard and it really caught me by surprise lol. I just had to say that before I really got into this post. Just whoa.


The stress is starting to sort of get to me. You know, who am I kidding. I’d be perfectly fine if I wasn’t such a horrible procrastinator. But there’s no point in talking about how slow and lazy I am, or at least that aspect of it lol. So I had caught up on almost all of my shows like two weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure we all knew that wouldn’t last long. Unless there are some crazy optimists out there… which is quite possible. Anyway, the musical at my school has its shows all next week so I’m completely screwed for homework. AND the week after I have to do this 10-15 minute English presentation on two books whose main theme is sex. Talk about awkward and plain weird and blah. I’m basically going to be saying a 1500-word essay out loud. Yay. Not only do I have to write this monster but I have to basically memorize it. Great. See my enthusiasm? Yeah, almost non-existent. AND I don’t completely have a topic yet… the main one revolves around sexual relations and I know talking about that will be a good way to suck up to my teacher (don’t even ask…) so that should be okay.

But anyway…

More new shows?

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Anyway, so I’m seeing tons of new trailers and stuff coming out for the next three games in the Kingdom Hearts series (but really two because Coded’s not peaking my interest right now… unless they decide to do what they did with Final Fantasy Agito XIII and put it on mobile and later PSP) but as I said before, I’m trying not to spoil myself too soon so I’m avoiding most of it. I couldn’t help but go take a look at what Xion looks like. 🙂 And well, I can think of two people she looks like… (Hint: one has blue hair and the other one’s name means ocean) And we’ve been getting some names for the Fabula Nova Crystalis games of Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII, including Lightning, Sera/Sarah, and now Snow from FFXIII and Noctis and Stella from Versus (whose names mean “of the night” and “star” in latin). And it’s nice to see they’re keeping the weather-related names lol. So there’s been a lot of stuff going on! That’s always cool.

So… the subs for Hakushaku to Yousei came out recently, so I decided to take a look because it seemed interesting enough and it has a FABULOUS voice cast (Mizuki Nana, Midorikawa Hikaru and Miyano Mamoru). So anyway, set in 19th century England, this story is about a “fairy doctor”, or a fairy medium named Lydia Carlton and how she meets Edgar, who is a descendent of the leader of the Fairy Nation and needs to find the Sword of the Merrow to prove his lineage.

Read more…

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