No Sebastian…?

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Okay. We kind of saw this coming. Since how the end of the first season diverged from the manga, we were all wondering how they’d deal with a second season. And now we know. I was hoping instead they would disregard the last few scenes from the end of the first season and keep on going somehow… but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen. I can’t say I’m not annoyed because a second season usually means a continuation and not another story in the same world which would be a spin-off. So unless they make crazy amounts of connections to Ciel and Sebastian, I am going to be quite frustrated. And I understand that the manga hasn’t gotten that far or at least enough for another 24-ish episode season so over 50% fillers would be necessary… but it’s Sebastian. Who doesn’t want more of Sebastian? Frankly, I don’t care if it’s a filler. Sebastian is ♥.

On the other hand, they were definitely smart with the cast. Nana Mizuki? Awesome. Takahiro Sakurai? Quadruple awesome. (Yes I quadrupled it. He’s THAT awesome. Being Cloud Strife helps.) Still, will this be enough to sway the hordes of Sebastian fangirls?

Only time will tell but my suspicion is not quite… not quite.

Random Quote: I’ve read so much manga that at times my mind works in comic panels and dramatically expressed chibis. I’m both ashamed and amused by this.
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why am I so behind…

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On second thought, don’t answer that.

Oh that devilish smile of yours…

lol Finally. After a long time (it must be close to a month by now… sorry!) I’ve gotten around to writing/posting this review/something about Kuroshitsuji. I thought this show was fabulous but unfortunate that the amount of comedy started to die down by the end. This show had great potential at the beginning but became a love-it-or-hate-it show for many by the end. Nevertheless, I still thought it was good and would recommend it to any dark fantasy/comedy lover. And the cast (and voice cast) are simply amazing.
And I don’t know why but Photobucket randomly makes my pictures black and white for some reason… it’s really weird… Hmm…

On a another not, anyone else excited for E3? And apparently the 3 new games to be revealed by Square-Enix?

Anyway, with a SPOILERS warning, shall we?
Yes we shall.

What do you mean, it’s not symbolic?

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Well, maybe it is… but chances are I’m just thinking too much.
Confused? That’s okay! Keep reading and you might understand.
Why am I always so confusing? Maybe because I can’t stay on topic? Makes sense…

Here’s a song for you. Yep, you guessed it. It’s an opening to an anime. This time it’s Stray from Wolf’s Rain.

Ah… great song. I need to finish that show… it’s on hold right now lol


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving, my Canadian friends!

Ah… long weekends are awesome! But I really hate the couple of teachers who gave me homework… Sheesh! They really know how to ruin a weekend. Grr…

Latest song in my head: Going Home, from Bleach

(Don’t mind the picture… I don’t know what it is)
But it’s such a beautiful song! And obviously, that means it’s most likely a sad song too. But… it’s so pretty! It’s making me melt…


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