So school is back…

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And as much as I try to pretend it’s not happening, it is. Boo.
Anyway… I’m trying to procrastinate (already? That doesn’t sound good…) Okay, I’m not really trying to procrastinate (yet) but just avoid thinking about anything school-related, especially because it’s the weekend! Yay!

But yeah.. because of school, I think I’m going to end up making longer posts less frequently, so you’ll just have to bear with it. Unless I get smart enough to write more than one post at a time and disperse my postings throughout the week… meh, that’s too much work lol. But maybe when I really get back into school mode, I may be able to do that. We’ll see. 🙂

Thanks to Chris Cendana, HappySlip, and David Choi for getting I’m Yours by Jason Mraz stuck in my head. Go and check out their covers! They’re awesome too!

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Summer school is over! … and some other stuff :)

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Like… the latest song in my head. Sad Tango by Rain. (He’s so cool! And he’s an amazing dancer 🙂 )
Love this song. The music video for it has some awesome dancing too. Rain’s just too cool. Enough said.

Ahh… after three weeks, 98 hours of class, and a 3 hour exam, summer has really come!
So relaxing… now I can wake up late in the mornings! (or even in the afternoons!) Awesome! lol

Anyway, I thought I’d talk about the latest Bleach and Naruto chapters because… I feel like it. do I really need a reason? But before that…

If you’re not up to date with these mangas,

Okay? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Go shield your eyes! Well, I will try to avoid major spoilers but the pictures will definitely be spoilers (duh).

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