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Being me, I forgot to say anything about how I was going to be away at my friend’s cottage for a week! But that aside, I had NO INTERNET! This trip reminded me of my dependence on it and how integral it has become in our everyday lives. Not that it’s completely a bad thing, though. Just something to think about. Particularly how many hours you spend in a day staring at a screen… and what time of day… but anyway, I was always busy so I think there were only two long moments when I thought about wanting the internet and that was only because some of the people I was with were going into town that day to go to an internet cafe and the other time was because I remember it was Friday and I’d have to read my weekly manga and possibly start writing my weekly(ish) post. Which I have to say was pretty impressive. I still can’t believe I survived a whole week! Of course, that will make me even more behind but that’s just something I have to deal with… lol

While at the cottage, I was able to see this cool sky after a storm.

It’s really cool because you can still see some blue in the sky mixed with the pink as well as a rainbow and where the sunset is currently hitting the trees. Very cool. Here is some more of the mix of pink and blue sky and this one is full out pink.



Square’s latest move…

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So yeah, it has been recently announced that Final Fantasy XIII will be released on the Xbox 360! (WHAT!) But wait, it will still be released on the PS3 (phew…). If you didn’t notice yet, I just don’t like Xbox. I don’t like the kind of games that they have, but it seems like everyone is moving to it… I just don’t like Microsoft in the gaming industry. I guess I don’t really have a reason, but that’s just the way it is (I know that’s stupid, but too bad).
Even though FFXII will be released for the PS3 and the 360, it is going to be a major blow to Sony. This was one of their biggest franchises that they had exclusiveness on. I, like many people, had planned to buy a PS3 for this game (and for other Square games), but as the comments I have seen for the video on Youtube, everyone’s saying that they don’t have to buy a PS3 anymore. I will still buy a PS3 because I just don’t like Xbox, but if more Square games are moving, I may have no choice… I guess another reason why I don’t like Xbox/Microsoft is because they’re taking everything. This is what the Microsoft representative (didn’t catch the name) said in that video:

Final Fantasy joins a long list of former Playstation franchises that are finding a new home on Xbox 360. It happened with Madden and Guitar Hero, it’s happening now with Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, and it will happen with Final Fantasy.

I don’t like that cocky attitude, even if it comes true. Poor Sony… But somehow, I think Sony will come back even stronger in the long run. I think that although the PS3 isn’t as big right now, it will last longer and stay for at least another generation. At least, I hope…

Random Quote: Meh, you haven’t seen anything until an iBook eats your disk, then shoots it halfway across the room fast enough to decapitate someone. – ???? (I think it was on some forum… I can’t remember… ehe)

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