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Hello! Unfortunately, I can only do a short post today (er… shorter-ish? I don’t even know) due to people taking over my room with my computer (guest room only has a single/double bed (fits one person basically) while I have a queen.) and also, due to said people, we will probably be going out. Just came back from a quick trip to Montreal so that was fun. Pretty city. My friend and I happened to run into people we knew from school which was interesting. We seem to have a talent for running into people we know outside our home city or even randomly within our city. Or maybe everyone does? Anyway, possibly because we’re just awkward people it’s always interesting. (But in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “Is that a good thing?”).




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It’s crazy right now. I was planning to write a review on Kuroshitsuji, and possibly a joint one with Bartender and Antique Bakery, but then I got sidetracked and ended up finishing Grey’s Anatomy (omg!) and Lost (OMFG!) and then I was doing some missions in Crisis Core and now I’m preparing to fight Minerva and I’m gonna see Star Trek in a couple hours but I’m going shopping first so I have to get ready now and then I realized I need to finish reading Angels and Demons in time for next week so I read it before I watch the movie. And somehow I ended up on YouTube for a few hours and watched some more Whose Line Is It Anyway (here are two more good ones) and then I came across one of Bandai’s featured videos of Code Geass which is pretty cool that they got it on Youtube and it’s open to Canada too! lol.
However, it is dubbed so for those who want the original, the sub can be found on Crunchyroll, although you have at least the free membership… I think? lol I don’t even know. Anyway, I need to start watching that show…

Oh and I have an English essay due on Tuesday and a French one due on Friday, both of which I have barely started (and I’m already exaggerating). Yeah.
I’m really sorry there hasn’t been too much here in the past couple weeks but there will be more!
Anyway, I need to get ready before I’m gonna be late (did I ever mention I was almost an hour late to my own surprise party? Yeah.) so later!

Random Quote:
Sawara: When you hear “love”, what do you associate it with?
(Prompt answer with utter conviction)
– Skip Beat chapter 5
Oh Kyoko… how I love you so…

… World destruction?

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I think not.

Confused? That’s okay. I’ll even explain the double meaning to the title. Have I lost you yet? Hehe that’s fine. I was trying to think of an interesting title that would be attention-grabbing yet still connected to what I’m going to write about, and this is what I came up with. Hehe I actually think it’s pretty smart.

Alright! Time to explain. So, throughout this past week, there’s been a lot of talk about this thing called the Large Hadron Collider. It’s been talked about so much that even I can tell that the Wikipedia page about it has been changed slightly everyday this week. So what is it? It’s this huge underground ring that is a particle accelerator where scientists are trying to find out a number of things, particularly about anti-matter and the possible Higgs boson. Check Wikipedia for more information. This stuff is pretty complex so confusion and paranoia ensues. Because they are in a way simulating the Big Bang, there are many who think a black hole will be created thereby destroying the planet. The end of the world as we know it? World Destruction? Once again, I think not. It’s true that we don’t really know what will happen or what the results will be, but seriously. They have already successfully fired this thing. Are we dead yet? I don’t think so. I think part of the reason why people are getting so scared is because of how the LHC was portrayed in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons where it was used as a weapon. But they’re not using this thing for dangerous purposes! In fact, it’s quite cool!

Take a look at this insightful and catchy rap…

So… have tropes ruined your life?

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I’d have to say no, but I guess it’s a matter of opinion. 🙂

Here is the song Number One by Hazel Fernandez from Bleach.
Great song! But I wish I could also find the instrumental version with that guitar solo…
By the way, this is what you call a Theme Music Power Up.

So… have tropes ruined your life? Well, maybe I should tell you what a trope is in case you don’t already know. Here’s what it says on the TV Tropes homepage:

Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members’ minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés. The word clichéd means “stereotyped and trite.” In other words, dull and uninteresting. We are not looking for dull and uninteresting entries. We are here to recognize tropes and play with them, not to make fun of them.

I love this site too because they give you examples from shows to movies to books and even if you don’t know the story, it’s still interesting to read about them.

So before you decide whether they have ruined your life, lets have some examples! I already gave you one above, but I’ll list a few more and comment on them.

Read more…

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