So school is back…

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And as much as I try to pretend it’s not happening, it is. Boo.
Anyway… I’m trying to procrastinate (already? That doesn’t sound good…) Okay, I’m not really trying to procrastinate (yet) but just avoid thinking about anything school-related, especially because it’s the weekend! Yay!

But yeah.. because of school, I think I’m going to end up making longer posts less frequently, so you’ll just have to bear with it. Unless I get smart enough to write more than one post at a time and disperse my postings throughout the week… meh, that’s too much work lol. But maybe when I really get back into school mode, I may be able to do that. We’ll see. 🙂

Thanks to Chris Cendana, HappySlip, and David Choi for getting I’m Yours by Jason Mraz stuck in my head. Go and check out their covers! They’re awesome too!

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Summer school is over! … and some other stuff :)

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Like… the latest song in my head. Sad Tango by Rain. (He’s so cool! And he’s an amazing dancer 🙂 )
Love this song. The music video for it has some awesome dancing too. Rain’s just too cool. Enough said.

Ahh… after three weeks, 98 hours of class, and a 3 hour exam, summer has really come!
So relaxing… now I can wake up late in the mornings! (or even in the afternoons!) Awesome! lol

Anyway, I thought I’d talk about the latest Bleach and Naruto chapters because… I feel like it. do I really need a reason? But before that…

If you’re not up to date with these mangas,

Okay? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Go shield your eyes! Well, I will try to avoid major spoilers but the pictures will definitely be spoilers (duh).

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I love weekends!

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Ah… one week done, two more to go… one third of the way through… it feels pretty good 🙂
I really do love weekends. And I guess in the summertime you forget to really appreciate them because for some of you, everyday in the summer is like a weekend! It’s pretty annoying especially when my sisters remind me as they ask me “Oh, what day is it?” and I’m thinking, “How can they not know what day it is?!?!” but then I realize “Oh yeah, they’re not really doing anything so they don’t really need to know.” Alright, I know I’m a total hypocrite because I do sometimes forget what day it is (especially on vacation) but sometimes I think they just do it on purpose to tease me (if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m the youngest of my siblings). But yeah, weekends are awesome. Those two and a half days… (yes, I count half of friday)
Anyway, I’m in the mood for a song. (I love being in the mood for random stuff lol)
Here is Blue Bird by Ikimono Gakari.
You can find the lyrics and partial translations here.
Kay… the song is up.. but some ppl say it’s slow loading? Anyway, it’s worth the wait 🙂
You might recognize it since it’s the latest opening for Naruto Shippuuden. (man… there are so many ways to spell that… oh well, I’m picking this way.) It is an awesome song. I love the blue-ness (did you guess that?) and her voice is very pretty. From the two songs I know from this group (the other one being Hanabi which is a Bleach opening song), I think this group is really good. I guess this just further proves that my favourite songs are anime openings and endings. I can’t help it!
On a random sidenote, while looking for this song, I found out that Yuna Ito (Reira from the Nana movies) did a duet with Celine Dion? What the…? If you wanna check it out, here’s the video. Apparently, it’s old too. (well, a year, but that’s old enough). That’s just kinda… weird… I mean it’s cool! But… I just think that’s a really weird combination. Don’t you think?

Random Quote: When the coffee’s first rate, so is everything else. – Andrew Waltfeld, Gundam SEED


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Well, so far, so good. I’m one day into my summer school and it’s… alright. I’m just glad that we haven’t gotten that much homework so far. That’s my biggest concern right now 🙂
So, today wasn’t too bad. I’m glad the teacher’s not horrible, especially since my last physics teacher was… less than tolerable. The dude was so monotonous I really don’t know how he even carries a conversation with anyone. But anyway, at least this guy was more interesting. Not incredibly interesting, but hey, you can’t have everything go your way. (If it did, I’d have to admit I’d be pretty suspicious…) Today was mostly review, so I can’t say I’m overloaded with information yet (but don’t worry, that day will come soon… whether I like it or not). I can also see how this will get very tedious and boring by the end of these three weeks…
Hehe we’ll see if I live or not… any bets? 🙂

Anyway, on a completely different note, I’m in the mood for a pretty picture. I think this will do.
The Pink Rose

Ooh! So pretty! lol it better be since I took this picture! Alright, now I feel better and not all physics-y. (yes, I love making new words. Don’t you?) Yay for flower power! Gotta love it.

Random Quote: Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance? – Edgar Bergen
Totally my motto. Rest in peace…

It’s sad but…

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I may not be able to post as much in the next coming weeks because of summer school… 😦
*Tear drops* Noooooooo!
But, it will (hopefully) all be worth it in the end. And what’s with the “expect 1-3 hours of homework per night” business? Are you kidding me? Gah! I’m gonna die! Help me! Please! AAAAAAHHHH!
Alright. I’ve let it all out. I’m calm. For now…
Hopefully I won’t get as much work because I’m taking physics? At least it’s not a language course (speed-reading? Noo!) or a history course *shudders at the thought of doing history in the summer.* (I hate recent history. Ancient history is fine. Much cooler.)
Well, we’ll see. Gotta hope for the best, right? (Yeah… and that’s coming from a pessimist and a procrastinator. What a lie. And either way, I’m screwed.)
At least it’s only three weeks, right? Well, too late to back out now. (Or is it…?)
Wow. I just realized how often I use brackets for side-notes and stuff (is that a bad thing? hehe, but no really. Is it?). Anyway, looks like I’ll still have to face the reality of summer school and less time for blogging-ness.
So farewell, but not goodbye.
(Aww man, this sounds really sappy and sad.)
Gah! Okay, well, see ya later!

Random Quote: At the end of the day, you will always be smarter than you were at the beginning of it, even if the only thing you learned was how stupid you are. – Anonymous

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