Happy Pi Day!

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And Happy 130th Birthday, Albert Einstein!
Isn’t that really cool his birthday’s Pi Day? lol.

And this is a great day not only because of birthdays but because I am now on a two-week break!!!!! Ah… breaks are awesome lol. But I do have to read this book for school… Would you believe me if I told you it is the same book I was supposed to read over December break? lol by now, I’d probably say yes you would. I’ve been lucky enough to get away without having to read it yet but we’re going to be doing a project soon so I’ll need to read it. And, surprisingly, I’m already ten chapters in! Of 28 chapters, so that’s not too shabby. But anyway, I’m not going to bore you with this already boring book, so on to more interesting things! (Beware of the Shuga Chara spoilers coming up)

Let’s go!


That’s why you need a plan b

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So, as usual, my original plan didn’t end up happening so instead of finishing up Nabari no Ou, this week I caught up on Shugo Chara, which is still progress so that was good. And also, I’m feeling the need to further express my love of Skip Beat so I’ll be sure to do that in this post.

But I also feel like listening to a song…

This is Toast by J featuring Humming Urban Stereo. This is a really calming yet upbeat song that I feel like you’d here in a high-class coffee shop or something and I think it’s really cool. I can’t really remember how I found this song but I’m pretty sure it happened after surfing random videos of songs on Youtube which led me to this. I was also doing this yesterday for game music and came across some that were compilations of victory fanfares from a bunch of games and just listening to that reminded me of the great moments in those games and that happy feeling. Oh the wonderful memories…

Oh and if you’re not caught up on Shugo Chara or Skip Beat, this post may not be for you.

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