Boo… only a two-day weekend… lol

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Haven’t had one of these in a while… and it feels kinda weird. Anyway, lotsa stuff this week! I probably won’t get to all of it, but I’ll just mention most of it. So, to start off, Kingdom Hearts is getting a piano collection! I’m really excited because I LOVE all the Final Fantasy Piano collections (or just any FF music in general. All the versions too 🙂 ) so I’m really excite that KH is getting one! It may not be done by Nobuo Uematsu (aka music GENIUS) but Yoko Shimomura has done some amazing work as well. Ah… these people are so amazing… I’m so envious… and more Square-related news, they’ve added more to the North America Dissidia page. It’s still very teaser-ish, but it looks totally awesome. I can’t wait for this to come out. Who wouldn’t love an FF all-star fighting game? That could very well be cooler than mixing Disney with Final Fantasy.

And it looks like Funimation is following Crunchyroll with simulcasts? Cool. And with FMA! Even cooler. “FUNimation will deliver high-quality, free, original Japanese dialogue accompanied by English subtitles, streaming episodes of studio Bones’ new Fullmetal Alchemist via as well as key video-sharing partners.” I’m assuming the other video-sharing partners to be Hulu and Joost, so that may be US-only. Joost and Funimation are not as restricted, as far as I know, but we’ll see if they add restrictions because they’re simulcasts. Either way, very cool.

And while I won’t have time to talk about this too much right now, I finally finished up Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2, Gundam 00 First season (lol yes I’m behind. By a whole season), and Skip Beat. For Skip Beat, all I’m gonna say is that it was amazing but cut off at a bad point in the arc. I’m glad they didn’t rush to try to finish the arc or anything, but without confirmation of a second season, it is still a cliffhanger, and that’s annoying. I still think the anime is amazing, but a second season is definitely needed. They didn’t even get to THE SCENE yet! (chapters 68-71 for those who want to know)

New chapters of Shugo Chara and Skip Beat, and TRC? Yay! lol


Why do weekends go by so much faster than weekdays…?

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Because there’s less of them?
But really, because chances are you’re doing something you like on weekends which makes time seem to go faster, no?

So yeah! Another weekend almost gone by, and some more gaming done. And I have ‘accomplished’ something: 6 Iron Dukes in Final Fantasy X-2. This basically means I beat Trema 6 times (well really 5 because the first playthrough was done by my sister) in order to get what I’d say by far is the best accessory in the game (basically a +100 bonus to every stat except luck which I think is +50). Of course, each time it got easier because I had one more Iron Duke to use, but it still took some time. This all started back when I said, “Hey, I wanna play FFX-2 again” and while it’s not widely liked among hardcore FF fans (or any… if you wanna go that way) and I admit it is not my favourite game of the series, I still think it’s a fun game with an okay story and some pretty cool characters. While the story itself may not be anywhere as good as FFXII’s plot, FFX-2 did, in my opinion, express it better. And Gippal is awesome! I think I like him even more now because his voice is the same as Zack’s voice in Crisis Core, which I am also currently playing, so yeah.
But anyway…

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