♪♫ Where did my baby go…♫♪

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♪♫ I wish that she would get back soon (get back soon)♫♪

Yes, John Legend is awesome.

While I don’t think I’m a baby anymore (I did have my birthday last week…) I was… somewhere. I was at home but in total relax mode and didn’t do much. I didn’t even watch too many shows. Not even finishing catching up on Glee. (Mind you I was only 2 episodes in… but I still only ended up watching another 2 episodes near the end of my break). This was also when my older sister showed me this group, NLT, one of whose members is in Glee. (Can you guess who?) Anyway, I’m kind of in love with this song right now.

There’s a really smooth arm-through move at 2:50. Looks so cool.

Oh boy bands. ♥

Figured out who it is?


The insanity…

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You know something is wrong when you spend about 70 hours per week at school.

That’s what most of December was for me. (well, not this last past week. That was my week to catch up on all my projects due all throughout December.)

But the school musical is over now! It was so awesome (it was Grease) with no major screw-ups so that was even better. But it’s sad that it’s over now, my last musical in high school…
(needed to avoid writing HSM voluntarily…)

So obviously, not only have I not had the time to write anything, I’ve also not had time to find much to write about.

But here’s some random cool stuff anyway…


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Haven’t had too much time to do anything other than school-related things recently so there’s not too much to say. I will say that I did manage to ‘finish’ The World Ends With You but seriously there’s a lot of stuff afterwards. I got through most of it but Tin Pin Slammer hates me. Or maybe I just suck. I’ll just push my luck and say both. That aside, it was a really good game. I was so into the story and as angry as Neku when crazy things happened. Sure, some of it was angsty and cheesy (Correction: it was full of angst and cheese) but it was still crazy in its plot-twisting and diverse array of characters. I’d also love to find a game script, but there doesn’t seem to be on on GameFaqs… I’ll guess I’ll have to look elsewhere…

In the mangaverse…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Yay for long weekends 🙂
And this also makes room for more games and shows! Awesome! lol

Anyway, The World Ends With You has been taking up most of my time this weekend (without spoiling much, all I wanna say is WTF and Joshua is SO annoying) along with yesterday/partly today’s X-Men movie marathon including X-Men, X2 and Wolverine. (There is no X3 and I have no idea what you are talking about.) But seriously, they are a great bunch of movies. It was my first time seeing Wolverine so it was really cool seeing all the little connections here and there and it had a great cast as well but as we all know, it has a sad ending… but it’s still a good movie. I enjoyed it 🙂

So my plan right now is to share some of my thoughts on first episode of the sequel of Darker Than Black! So basically, BEWARE.

Got it memorized? (lol love that quote)

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