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2-0 Canada vs. US in the second period! WOO!

Yesterday was a great day for Canadian athletes! (particularly the men!) Three golds in one day! I unfortunately missed the men’s snowboard parallel giant slalom and the speed skating men’s team pursuit but I was able to watch the men’s curling and that was a great game. Go Canada!

Last Friday was my mom’s birthday so my sister in California sent her some ‘flower’s from Edible Arrangements!
I’d say this one is my best picture. (Sadly, I took a bunch of pictures but was unsatisfied with the results)

Beautiful and yummy.

And what’s even cooler this time was that there were white chocolate-covered strawberries too! Apparently this was a new addition (or something only available to some of their products) so it was a delightful surprise. The dark chocolate ones were yummy too but I have a sweet spot for white chocolate (pun intended).

And, I guess as usual by now, I have a new song that is maybe not quite willingly but pleasingly stuck in my head and first it was Reason by Fonogenico (which would also make sense since it’s the ending theme to xxxHolic which I just finished) but that changed the moment I heard another one of their songs: Rhythm.

Lyrics and mp3 link can be found in the video’s description. Having never heard the band before hearing the softer ballad-like Reason, this was not the type of song I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised. I love the jazziness and it’s just so catchy and has a really lovely melody. I don’t think the quality of the Youtube video does it justice so I really suggest hearing/downloading the mp3 version. And then when she starts scatting near the end, it just blew my mind. Awesome.

So I finished xxxHolic…



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Done what?
Done my university applications! I’m so glad that’s over. Now all I have to do is wait… patiently… actually this part is probably worse… Hmm…
The good news is this should give me more time to catch up on shows. Or at least it should. 🙂
Second term is always the shortest it’s the most hectic (no I’m not semestered. But I do have three spares!)

Enjoying the Olympics? Well I’m Canadian so we’re all really excited and spirited up here. I actually bought a couple Olympic shirts today. Most of them are sold out so I was lucky to get a couple in my size. And I’ve been following figure skating pretty closely and just want to say congratulations to Patrick Chan for coming 5th in his first Olympics (which is AMAZING) and I do kind of agree that Johnny Weir got robbed… but I don’t think he should have been on the podium either, so a few places to me doesn’t mean much. And I feel for Nobunari Oda who was having a great skate until his lace broke. The fact that you only have 3 minutes to fix the problem is probably what would have freaked me out the most.

Anyway, I saw this dance video on Youtube recently and it is fabulous.

(The intro is a little random but it really starts like 20 seconds in)

This is pure awesomeness.
I mean, they’re called the ANBU Black Ops. (Naruto reference for the win!) They even danced to the Naruto theme song! And Pink Panther! And Mortal Kombat! And all the music and especially the choreography was great. And I love how they showcase all of their members, particularly Victor Kim (LOVE him. Any guy who can dance like him is amazing. AND he can sing and play the guitar! Double bonus.) Victor is from Quest Crew, the team that won the third season of America’s Best Dance Crew. If you haven’t seen much of him, watch this. Craziness.

Anyway, gotta work or at least continue with my plan to not work.

Random Quote: That cat is a walking question mark. – Roxas about the Cheshire Cat, 358/2 Days

I Believe…!

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And so the 2010 Vancouver Olympics have begun. Did you watch the opening ceremony? See all the amazing singers? The water-spewing whales? I thought that was really cool. And, malfunctions aside, I liked the torch and the idea of having four people light it. It had a very united feeling to it, which is what the Games and Canada are all about. It made me feel quite patriotic lol.

So yeah! I’m going to try to watch as much of the games as possible but we’ll see how much that ends up being. I’m definitely going to be looking forward to the skating, both figure and speed, so we’ll see how that goes!

On another note, I had a couple Jason Mraz songs stuck in my head but this one has stuck the longest. It’s Butterfly and this live acoustic version with Cheryl beatboxing is fabulous and quite sexy.

You’ll also notices he changes some of the words from the album version to give it a different feel which is interesting. (Am I the best part of your life or do you have everything BUT me?)
And the two other songs which are also both awesome are Only Human and Dynamo of Volition. Both equally worth checking out. I may end up posting their videos in upcoming posts because they’re so good. 🙂


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