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… does not even begin to cover it.

And I haven’t completely disappeared… although I did come close.

The first thing you see when you reach the convention center. Is that an awesome start to your day or what?

My trip to California and Las Vegas was awesome. Insanely awesome. And also quite insane.

Let me try and explain.

As I mentioned before, I was going to Comic-Con for the first time with my sister and brother-in-law. I arrived in the Bay area a week before the convention which included the Distant Worlds concert and mainly ‘prepping’ for Comic-Con (aka catching up on shows. I obviously was (*ahem* AM) not only behind on the anime I follow, but other stuff too). We were too late for to get the 4-day pass and had to settle for Friday and Saturday passes. We thought those two would be the best days anyway, which in many ways was still true, but Thursday was apparently pretty epic… But anyway, we left Thursday night for San Diego and we had already gone through the Comic-Con schedule to see which panels we were planning to go to.


And boy were there a plethora of them to choose from. Eventually, we narrowed it down to our top 3 for the busy time slots, with 2 backups in case we couldn’t get into various events. As I said, this was our first Comic-Con and we had no idea what to expect. We knew there would be tons of people but even if we did know the numbers at that time (which I don’t think we did, but it’s about 125,000), there’s a big difference between imagining a number of people and walking through it.

And needless to say, we were overwhelmed.


Mixed feelings…

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So I’m going to Comic-Con (and I can’t even begin to explain how cool that is) but I just can’t stop my pessimism. No, it’s not so much that too many awesome things are going on at once I can’t get to them all (though that is still something of an issue) but rather since I’m only going for Friday and Saturday, there will be some things I will miss. If I had to pick two days to go to, it would still be these two days since they have the most action and awesomeness, but Thursday, late Saturday, and Sunday have some great stuff too.

In particular…

Some news

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Final Fantasy IV DS was released last Tuesday. (Man, I want a DS…)
Here’s the official site with an awesome version of the Theme of Love playing in the background. I love that song, as well as the vocal version, Tsuki no Akari.
So pretty! I’m pretty sure there’s a longer version too, but I’m still looking for it…

Here’s another reason to get a DS: The official site for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (That’s pronounced “Three Five Eight Days Over Two”. I know it’s weird, but we’ve been told it has some importance to the story. Supposedly… but I think that’s just to keep us thinking about the title.) has been launched. There’s not too much, and it is in Japanese, but translations can be found here. And the music playing in the background seems to be a new mix of The Other Promise, which is a pretty sad song… And just to be sure, No Release Date Has Been Announced. Thank you.

And lastly, Comic Con in San Diego is going on! No fair… I wanted to go… There’s always something interesting going on there… maybe next year? Hmm…

So… yeah. Shorter post than those of recently, but you gotta change it up every so often, right?

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