Oh yes… a new show

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Well, I saw this coming, but what I didn’t expect was this post getting long enough that I would decide to post it during the week. Well, you surprise even yourself sometimes… ๐Ÿ™‚

I just watched the first episode of the new show Lie To Me and I just have to say I thought it was fabulous. This is definitely getting added to my list of shows. I love the glares and stares of the main guy, Cal Lightman and for some reason, he reminds me of House from House (that sounded redundant lol), even though I’ve only seen a few episodes of that (yes, I know… it’s a shame). I think it’s their harsh and hidden (or not so hidden?) pessimistic view on life that I like, maybe because it’s kinda of like my view? lol perhaps, perhaps.
I really liked the style of the show and how they emphasized the little gestures or microexpressions to get us into the mind of Lightman and see what he sees without explicitly saying that. What I’m a little worried about though is how far this show can go, because part of the reason I liked this episode so much was that I learned some of the microexpressions that people use to show or hide certain expressions and show how they lie, but I’m under the impression that there can only be so many different ways the body tells us that a person is lying. At that point, I feel like it might get repetitive, but then again, the idea of CSI sounds repetitive and yet I love that show and there are at least three shows like that (I don’t like CSI: New York. And you may say it’s just the same as either of the other two, but it’s not just the characters I don’t like, but it’s just too grey. Las Vegas is dark, Miami is sunset-coloured, and New York is grey. From a random recent episode I saw of it, it looks like it got better, but it’s still there. I guess I’m biased now against it so there’s an even less chance of me getting to like it, but well, yeah).



Basically a bunch of reviews…

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Current song in my head: Duvet by Bรดa

A fabulous song. Love it!

So many shows this week!
Well, not that many.

Let’s count: Heroes, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, me catching up on Naruto and Bleach and finishing Neo Angelique Abyss, picking up Neo Angelique Abyss ~Second Age~ as well as Wellber no Monogatari.

Okay yeah… that’s a lot. But I’m managing somehow ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yeah. And I have to make room for new shows coming in October like Vampire Knight Guilty and Skip Beat which I definitely plan to watch (and maybe Gundam 00‘s second season) and other new ones that I may start watching. And I’d like to somewhere in all that find time to start Code Geass (I didn’t know it was CLAMP!) and Macross Frontier… Oh and Chuck, Private Practice, and Life (which I’m also planning to get into) are back next week. And I still need to catch up on Smallville. But that’s _low_ on my priority list right now lol.

Umm… I need to cut this list down A LOT… somehow…
Help, anyone?

Now I feel really behind…

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So, here I am, trying to catch up on stuff mentioned in my previous post, and then it hit me: since I’m going to be away next week at a friend’s cottage (and without any real connection to the outside world since I don’t have a laptop), I only really have 3 days to read/watch stuff before school starts.


Now I really feel pressed for time! And I totally forgot about all the new shows/seasons that are coming this fall until THAT reminded me! And that’s not even including the other shows I watch! (Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Chuck, Heroes, Smallville (Yes I watch Smallville), CSI loosely…) Gah! This is really starting to add up!

Alright… time to calm down…
Okay, this just means I’ll have to manage my time more and know my limits of what I can actually accomplish and what is simply ridiculous. Well, I might disappear for a while, (at least the week at the cottage and maybe a little bit once school starts) but once I get back into the regular routine, I’ll be back!

Wait for me! Please! ๐Ÿ™‚

Random Quote: Guys who intrude on other people’s paths of love hit their heads on a corner of tofu and die. – Ashiya Mizuki misphrasing an old Japanese proverb, Hana Kimi Chapter 18 page 26
Hahahahahahaha… tofu.

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