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I did it.
(And I need more original post titles…)

I’m just about caught up in the anime (I’m at ep 58) and I finished the manga, which as luck would have it, finished this week. That is definitely the fastest I’ve gone through a series.

And I am speechless.

I would write more right now but… I actually should have been studying for my exams this week (whoops) so I have to do some of that now. But I just want to say that was great. And incredibly happy ending, but great. (But not enough RizaxRoy! Come on!) I was also a little worried when they were halfway through the battle at the second-last chapter but then I realized the last chapter was over 100 pages long so I was relieved. I was afraid it was going to be a rushed ending, but I was pleasantly surprised.

But seriously, I’m going to miss these guys.
Hiromu Arakawa, that was one great series.

“A lesson without pain is meaningless. For you cannot gain something without sacrificing womething else in return. But once you have overcome it and made it your own… you will gain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart.” – Fullmetal Alchemist



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Haven’t had too much time to do anything other than school-related things recently so there’s not too much to say. I will say that I did manage to ‘finish’ The World Ends With You but seriously there’s a lot of stuff afterwards. I got through most of it but Tin Pin Slammer hates me. Or maybe I just suck. I’ll just push my luck and say both. That aside, it was a really good game. I was so into the story and as angry as Neku when crazy things happened. Sure, some of it was angsty and cheesy (Correction: it was full of angst and cheese) but it was still crazy in its plot-twisting and diverse array of characters. I’d also love to find a game script, but there doesn’t seem to be on on GameFaqs… I’ll guess I’ll have to look elsewhere…

In the mangaverse…


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Wow this past week has been CRAZY! Lots of stuff going on. (Making this a pretty long post.Partly to make up for last week too I guess.)
So I just got back from California visiting my sister and it was so much fun!
We saw No Doubt in concert which was great! (and which was also my first concert experience so that was cool. Gwen is amazing live. She’s all over the place dancing and running into the crowds and interactive and stuff. Very cool. And I’m still surprised I still have my voice after that night. lol).
We also went to San Francisco and it was actually pretty sunny when we went (which is apparently rare) but we still weren’t able to get a good glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was like all the clouds decided to huddle over the bridge.

This was the best pic I could get.

Then we went to…

good news

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And I saw Harry Potter. Twice. First on opening day and then again just a couple hours ago (with different people). The crowd on the first day laughed a lot more than today. Without spoilers, I thought the movie was hilarious but the last 5 minutes were crap.

And I don’t really care that nothing happened in this week’s Bleach chapter (not even other party’s reactions. Except for Hitsugaya’s, but meh he’s not that important).
Vaizards pwn.
However, Omni has basically said my thoughts of how this will lead. It’s obviously not going to end that quickly so some obstacles/diversions will need to be put into place. Bankai is definitely a start. And illusions can always be added in at any time so that’s always a possibility. I’m sure there’s a zanpakuto/weapon for every power imaginable in the Bleach universe so I’m sure Tite Kubo will be able to think of more diversions. Still, anything with the vizards is cool. I just hope it doesn’t get to the point where I’m sick of them too.

And apparently there’s a…


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Exams are done. And so is school.
For a week.
Then I have summer school for 3 weeks. I hope it’s not too awkward because while I do know the people in my class, they’re not people I would usually talk to so it might get weird… can’t say I’m looking forward to that, but we’ll see. As well, due to exams, I haven’t been watching too much stuff but I have been reading (due to the logic that a chapter can be read in under 5 minutes so I have a good place to stop at anytime… not. Stupid cliffhangers.) I’ve actually started to read xxxHolic (I’m at like chapter 50-ish) and it’s really cool! Well, CLAMP is awesome, but I like the subtle references to other stuff in the CLAMP world, particularly what’s going on in Tsubasa. But I guess because they have more than one manga running ‘weekly’ that they have to take more breaks to keep up… still, it’s very cool. I like the style of xxxHolic which at first seems like an unrelated name (at least to me) but it makes more sense because the people that Yuuko’s wish shop usually have are some sort of addiction or some sort of negative repetition, which makes it a *something*holic, or xxxHolic. I was not cool enough to think of that myself; I did read it on a board I think on Mangafox…? But anyway, it’s the best explanation I’ve seen and actually makes more sense and has importance in the story than some other titles out there. (Bleach anyone? Sure Ichigo’s got orange/bleached hair, but so what? It’s not like he’s the ONLY character with orange hair in that show. Or maybe I’m just blind and not seeing the big picture. That’s quite possible.)

But anyway…

Random thoughts

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… though aren’t my thoughts always random? lol.

Anyway, so with Crunchyroll‘s efforts for more (semi-free) subbed anime and simulcasts, they’ve put up some translated title logos, and one I’m particularly annoyed with is the one for Shugo Chara. I realize that My Guardian Characters is a suitable translation but it’s such a mouthful. And Shugo Chara sounds sooo much better. I don’t understand what sort of categorizing they go through when translating some things over others and whatnot because some of the other logos aren’t even romanized, let alone translated. I’d just like to know what qualifies something to be translated when the original version rolls off the tongue much better. Just saying.

Anyway, I do have some shows that I have finished but I’ll talk about those later because I’m just not in the mood right now. I don’t know lol. But anyway, I’ve listed a few things I’d like to see in Skip Beat that I’d find interesting and/or fabulous.


Boo… only a two-day weekend… lol

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Haven’t had one of these in a while… and it feels kinda weird. Anyway, lotsa stuff this week! I probably won’t get to all of it, but I’ll just mention most of it. So, to start off, Kingdom Hearts is getting a piano collection! I’m really excited because I LOVE all the Final Fantasy Piano collections (or just any FF music in general. All the versions too 🙂 ) so I’m really excite that KH is getting one! It may not be done by Nobuo Uematsu (aka music GENIUS) but Yoko Shimomura has done some amazing work as well. Ah… these people are so amazing… I’m so envious… and more Square-related news, they’ve added more to the North America Dissidia page. It’s still very teaser-ish, but it looks totally awesome. I can’t wait for this to come out. Who wouldn’t love an FF all-star fighting game? That could very well be cooler than mixing Disney with Final Fantasy.

And it looks like Funimation is following Crunchyroll with simulcasts? Cool. And with FMA! Even cooler. “FUNimation will deliver high-quality, free, original Japanese dialogue accompanied by English subtitles, streaming episodes of studio Bones’ new Fullmetal Alchemist via as well as key video-sharing partners.” I’m assuming the other video-sharing partners to be Hulu and Joost, so that may be US-only. Joost and Funimation are not as restricted, as far as I know, but we’ll see if they add restrictions because they’re simulcasts. Either way, very cool.

And while I won’t have time to talk about this too much right now, I finally finished up Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2, Gundam 00 First season (lol yes I’m behind. By a whole season), and Skip Beat. For Skip Beat, all I’m gonna say is that it was amazing but cut off at a bad point in the arc. I’m glad they didn’t rush to try to finish the arc or anything, but without confirmation of a second season, it is still a cliffhanger, and that’s annoying. I still think the anime is amazing, but a second season is definitely needed. They didn’t even get to THE SCENE yet! (chapters 68-71 for those who want to know)

New chapters of Shugo Chara and Skip Beat, and TRC? Yay! lol

This is *insert explative here*

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This site has added a few more names to the cast list for The Last Airbender, the first move adaptation of Avatar and they are all brown people playing the people of the Fire Nation. The only good thing about this that I can think of is that since Zuko is already gonna be played by a brown guy, at least they’re consistent. BUT SERIOUSLY! Once again, WHY THE HELL IS THE FIRE NATION BROWN?!?!?!?! It’s too late for Zuko, but now so is Uncle Iroh and Zhao? Zhao is CLEARLY AN ASIAN NAME! AND NOT BROWN! Why? Why are they doing this? They obviously know what these people should be. I don’t understand why they’re doing things in a way that they know will not please the fans. I’ll give them a case for Aang and the air nomads who do look like they have lighter skin, but I still don’t know how you could think that Tibetan-style monks look white… But the Earth Kingdom has the only Asian so far? The Korean? That’s a start but come on…! And seriously, the Earth Kingdom is probably the better place to cast the whites. Why is everything so backward? I was already skeptical when they first said they were gonna make a live-action movie a long time ago, but this is just making me so much more annoyed. And they totally planned this. All of the parts for the movie asked for Caucasian or any other ethnicity. Seriously. I’ll let this photo essay do more of the talking. I’ve had enough.

On a weirder and funnier note…

Why do weekends go by so much faster than weekdays…?

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Because there’s less of them?
But really, because chances are you’re doing something you like on weekends which makes time seem to go faster, no?

So yeah! Another weekend almost gone by, and some more gaming done. And I have ‘accomplished’ something: 6 Iron Dukes in Final Fantasy X-2. This basically means I beat Trema 6 times (well really 5 because the first playthrough was done by my sister) in order to get what I’d say by far is the best accessory in the game (basically a +100 bonus to every stat except luck which I think is +50). Of course, each time it got easier because I had one more Iron Duke to use, but it still took some time. This all started back when I said, “Hey, I wanna play FFX-2 again” and while it’s not widely liked among hardcore FF fans (or any… if you wanna go that way) and I admit it is not my favourite game of the series, I still think it’s a fun game with an okay story and some pretty cool characters. While the story itself may not be anywhere as good as FFXII’s plot, FFX-2 did, in my opinion, express it better. And Gippal is awesome! I think I like him even more now because his voice is the same as Zack’s voice in Crisis Core, which I am also currently playing, so yeah.
But anyway…

That’s why you need a plan b

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So, as usual, my original plan didn’t end up happening so instead of finishing up Nabari no Ou, this week I caught up on Shugo Chara, which is still progress so that was good. And also, I’m feeling the need to further express my love of Skip Beat so I’ll be sure to do that in this post.

But I also feel like listening to a song…

This is Toast by J featuring Humming Urban Stereo. This is a really calming yet upbeat song that I feel like you’d here in a high-class coffee shop or something and I think it’s really cool. I can’t really remember how I found this song but I’m pretty sure it happened after surfing random videos of songs on Youtube which led me to this. I was also doing this yesterday for game music and came across some that were compilations of victory fanfares from a bunch of games and just listening to that reminded me of the great moments in those games and that happy feeling. Oh the wonderful memories…

Oh and if you’re not caught up on Shugo Chara or Skip Beat, this post may not be for you.

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