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You know something is wrong when you spend about 70 hours per week at school.

That’s what most of December was for me. (well, not this last past week. That was my week to catch up on all my projects due all throughout December.)

But the school musical is over now! It was so awesome (it was Grease) with no major screw-ups so that was even better. But it’s sad that it’s over now, my last musical in high school…
(needed to avoid writing HSM voluntarily…)

So obviously, not only have I not had the time to write anything, I’ve also not had time to find much to write about.

But here’s some random cool stuff anyway…



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Crazy stuff at E3! And elsewhere.

But I still got good news and bad news. So I’ll start with the bad. I have exams coming up (including a 3-hour one next Saturday afternoon. WHO WAS THE GENIUS WHO SCHEDULED THAT?!?!?! Oh right. The same genii that told me I’d have to drop a course because they couldn’t fit my timetable… Until I pestered them for two weeks. Yeah.) meaning it is highly likely there will be no post next week since my exams span one and a half weeks (and I just happen to have exams both on the first and last days. Lovely.) So, wish me luck? Or really, just hope that I spend a decent amount of time actually studying productively.

And onto semi-bad news. Or at least in my opinion. A couple days ago, we saw the first trailer for FFXIV! (This was codenamed Rapture FYI) And it looked great! Until… the title came up. ONLINE? YOU SERIOUS? They already had FFXI. (And with a Star Wars MMORPG coming probably in 2010 too…) And if they’re gonna do this, they need to at least have a regular game that’s called FFXIV and then a related game that’s the mmo. I don’t like how the mmo’s are taking over the main name. If it was just FFXI, I would have let it go, but another one? … We’ll see how that goes.

The only good thing about this is that Nobuo Uematsu will be back for it! And, assuming he didn’t just come back for the one game, he might be back for good! That’ll be AWESOME!

Speaking of another series with great music…

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