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Wow this past week has been CRAZY! Lots of stuff going on. (Making this a pretty long post.Partly to make up for last week too I guess.)
So I just got back from California visiting my sister and it was so much fun!
We saw No Doubt in concert which was great! (and which was also my first concert experience so that was cool. Gwen is amazing live. She’s all over the place dancing and running into the crowds and interactive and stuff. Very cool. And I’m still surprised I still have my voice after that night. lol).
We also went to San Francisco and it was actually pretty sunny when we went (which is apparently rare) but we still weren’t able to get a good glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was like all the clouds decided to huddle over the bridge.

This was the best pic I could get.

Then we went to…



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Exams are done. And so is school.
For a week.
Then I have summer school for 3 weeks. I hope it’s not too awkward because while I do know the people in my class, they’re not people I would usually talk to so it might get weird… can’t say I’m looking forward to that, but we’ll see. As well, due to exams, I haven’t been watching too much stuff but I have been reading (due to the logic that a chapter can be read in under 5 minutes so I have a good place to stop at anytime… not. Stupid cliffhangers.) I’ve actually started to read xxxHolic (I’m at like chapter 50-ish) and it’s really cool! Well, CLAMP is awesome, but I like the subtle references to other stuff in the CLAMP world, particularly what’s going on in Tsubasa. But I guess because they have more than one manga running ‘weekly’ that they have to take more breaks to keep up… still, it’s very cool. I like the style of xxxHolic which at first seems like an unrelated name (at least to me) but it makes more sense because the people that Yuuko’s wish shop usually have are some sort of addiction or some sort of negative repetition, which makes it a *something*holic, or xxxHolic. I was not cool enough to think of that myself; I did read it on a board I think on Mangafox…? But anyway, it’s the best explanation I’ve seen and actually makes more sense and has importance in the story than some other titles out there. (Bleach anyone? Sure Ichigo’s got orange/bleached hair, but so what? It’s not like he’s the ONLY character with orange hair in that show. Or maybe I’m just blind and not seeing the big picture. That’s quite possible.)

But anyway…


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My break is just about over. Excuse me for being in a horrible mood.

As such, I don’t plan on spending that much time on this post because I want to savour that last few moments I have of my break…


Dammit. Breaks need to be longer. Or I need to make better use of my time. How about both? It’s just hard when you find the few cool things you wanna do too late into the break. I hate that feeling.

Anyway, I can’t believe I keep forgetting to mention this but CONGRATULATIONS to all the FFXII NLBLLG players! In case you don’t know, this is a Final Fantasy XII with No License Board and it’s a Low Level Game. This means all you have at your disposal are basic equipment (and Wyrmhero Blade since it doesn’t have a license) and items. And apparently, it is not an impossible challenge after all! The final boss has been defeated! And even the Seer, who was also thought impossible, was beaten recently. The only enemy that remains to be defeated in NLBLLG is Chaos (and possibly Lv. 99 Red Chocobo? not sure about the confirmation on that one), but I have a feeling he may just be impossible. In the Chaos battle, you can’t use the ‘Attack’ command, plus you have to deal with the four Chaosjets… I’m not sure if he’s impossible yet but you are really crippled in that fight.

But seriously, to all you NLBLLG players, I salute you.
You are truly the gods and goddesses of FFXII.

And that is all I’m going to say for now.
Need… more… break…. time…

Random Quote:You remember what Daddy used to say? God gave you a big sister instead of a brain. – Meredith, Heroes

I’m too lazy to think of a title

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But I’m in the mood for a song…

It’s Hey Jude from the movie Across the Universe. The Beatles are awesome. And I’m learning to play it on the guitar! Yay!


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